Housing for UHS

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Feb 3, 2000
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I was just wondering if anyone attending UHS or attending in 2001 could give any info. on some good places to live. I am really stressing over finding an apartment at a reasonable price before classes start. Just looking forward to any information. Thanks

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I posted some good info on the UHS Internet Ambassador thread. It's the last post in the thread (so far), on page 4. The thread is on page 2 of this forum. Someone in the forum has already contacted the lady whose name I gave, so if you're interested, give her a call. It's really spacious in a really quiet, lovely (expensive!) neighborhood - I can't imagine anyone not liking it! And you'll never have to fight rush hour traffic!

I called Sarina (about the house) a few days ago and I am going to be in KC looking for a place next week, so I will check out the house...maybe I will meet you "mompremed". I was probably going to live alone but would like to have roommates if anyone is looking. I planned on calling the admissions office to see if there were any oterh stragglers out there but haven't done it yet.
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Hey guys,
In regards to finding a place to live, I will be heading to KC next week to search for some places. I really want to live close to school. I will keep you guys posted of the places I look at. What type of places are you guys looking for? Location? Price?

Take care,
Originally posted by Batory:
•I called Sarina (about the house) a few days ago and I am going to be in KC looking for a place next week, so I will check out the house...maybe I will meet you "mompremed". I was probably going to live alone but would like to have roommates if anyone is looking. I planned on calling the admissions office to see if there were any oterh stragglers out there but haven't done it yet.•

So you're the one that called! Way cool! I have only just moved in upstairs, but hopefully I will have a few boxes unpacked by then. :eek:

Maybe we WILL meet, in the midst of my flying fast and low! ;) You know, doing the full-time student single-working mom thing. Although I'm taking off school this summer so I can work extra and try to buy a house, eventually. Send me an email if you can, to let me know when you'll be here. It should be in my profile. :)

hey mompremed,

I also will be in KC looking for housing this next weekend. I couldn't get your email from your profile. Email me at [email protected] if you get a chance.

Ditto for me at [email protected]. I will be in KC from 14-17 June looking for house hunting if anyone wants to meet. We can do a pre-orientation lunch!
Well, hey all, I guess I don't know how to put my email in my profile! It shows up SOMEplace in my "stuff" but not in here. It's [email protected] - I will also try to email in the a.m., but it's time to hit the sack since I've finally unwound after work. (Glad I checked SDN first, though!)

hi there,

some of us newbies at UHS are going to get together at the school around 5pm on Saturday, June 16th. We plan to go for coffee or dinner or just hang out. We're going to meet at the lounge where we waited to interview.

hope to see some of you there!

I will be attending UHS in August and I won't be able to come down to KC to find an apartment prior to making the move. I am going to try to find a place over the internet or through the housing list that the university sent out. I don't like the idea of not being able look at various places in person so I hope this method will be okay. Has anyone else found a home by the long distance approach? Also, I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions of some decent apartment buildings. I am looking for a bachelor or one bedroom preferably with hardwood floors (as I have cats). Any input would be greatly appreciated! :cool:

During my first 2 years at UHS I lived in the Midtown-Westport area then in Brookside.
These apts and homes are historic, have hard wood floors, but rough around the edges. That is the way I liked it.
Also look around KU Med Center...LOTS of houses for students.
Good luck.

I tried emailing you and it came back undeliverable. You're welcome to email me at [email protected] - the essence of my email to you was just to let me know if you need the phone # of the lady who is renting the downstairs, or you could "talk" to Batory as he has already called her.


Hope 2001,

The Plaza is very expensive. Westport, Hyde Park and the KU med area are not as expensive, but more dangerous than the Historic Northeast (where the school is) and even more dangerous than downtown - more people, congested area, lots of bars, a few blocks from the ghetto, etc. If you live right by KU there are lots of KU patrol cars, but it's pretty expensive, and you will still be fighting rush hour.

In fact, the only places you will not be fighting rush hour is in the Northeast and downtown areas. I just met with "Electra" and "Batory" last night, and Electra just rented a place close to the school. Her and her roommate will be able to walk or bike the 6 blocks to school, and they thought it was great! And cheap! Of course they have lived in L.A. and the Bronx, so they are used to an urban environment. Of course, Westport/Plaza/KU is also urban and rush hour will be a factor in all those areas, anyway. That is because UHS is essentially in downtown KC and if you come from anywhere else, all rush hour traffic leads downtown. (Of course you can always start an hour earlier or leave later to miss it! ;) )

The place below me is for rent - it is beautiful, clean, quiet in an expensive neighborhood. (The home next door is for sale and is listed at $395,000.00 - believe me, people paying that much for a home take care of the neighborhood - and an attorney lives 2 doors down in an equally expensive home!) Batory was interested, but 4 people would have to rent it together to afford it - it's a VERY spacious 4 bedroom, 3 bath. I live in the 2BR, 1BA flat above and hope to be out by Aug. 1st as I am looking to buy a home in this area.

It is really a shame people are so afraid of this neighborhood. Believe me, the worst of the area is the area right around UHS itself, and UHS is working hard along with the city to "clean it up." Last week, 2 different women in the same apt. bldg in one of the nicest areas of Overland Park were attacked at knife point in front of their apt and car. I have NEVER heard of that happening in the Northeast area and I have lived in KC for 25 years. We do occasionally hear of a prostitute's body being dumped in one of the many beautiful parks in this area! There is also an occasional drug related shooting in a drug house, but that happens everywhere, including and especially the Westport/Plaza area. In fact, it happens there way more than the Northeast, but it's covered up because that is the major tourist spot in KC and the city fathers don't want people to be afraid to go there. One of the Banks in Westport closes its ATM at 8pm every single day because not too long ago, someone was randomly shot and killed there, and that is just a few blocks from KU and the Plaza!

Where I am, women are out walking their dogs at 10pm. There is a beautiful walking path close by me and in River Front Park by the River Market area. People are out walking and running/biking at all hours of the day and night and I have never heard of anyone being attacked. Women (and men!) are attacked all the time in the Westport/Plaza area. I personally know of two close friends who were attacked there, two separate times and the police essentially did nothing. (And it did not make the news either time!)

So....it's your choice, but what I have just described is the God's honest truth, and I really hate to see people paying more money and wasting precious time in med school fighting rush hour out of misplaced fear.