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Dec 17, 2016
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So I am currently doing my training and I really enjoy pathology. However, the uncertainty of what comes after training keeps me up at night. How bad is the job market? What helps a Jr pathologist in finding a good position? How much would one make on average after doing a surgical specialty training?.


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Apr 29, 2014
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This question has been asked thousands of times. Pathology, like all specialties, has downsides. For us, this includes commoditization and a chronically horrible job situation. it's your job to determine what your priorities are.


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Aug 15, 2003
Fixing in 10% neutral buffered formalin
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It's decent for good candidates I think, based on our current experience (we have a job ad out, and some of the applicants indicate they have multiple other job offers and/or interviews). But I don't think it's very good for below-average candidates, since we got a bunch of applications that weren't qualified or appropriate.

"Chronically horrible" - no. You could use the words oversupplied or something like that, but I wouldn't use horrible.
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