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Jul 16, 2006
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DAT stats: AA 21, ST 20, PAT 19

AADSAS cGPA: 3.35, sGPA: 3.48

+ I've worked p/t as a receptionist in a dental office for the past 4 years
+ I've volunteered during the past two summers (non-dental related) but that is my only extracurricular activity
- I do not have any research experience, nor have I received any awards/scholarships

I know a lot of people have had the same question regarding their own stats, but I've yet to come across any comments on how heavily the manual dexterity portion of the Canadian DAT weighs on American applications. I made the mistake of not practicing for it very much and received a very low score.

I e-submitted my application on July 7th to many many schools. So the question is: how bright/bleak does my future look?