How can I improve my gap year??

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    Hi everyone. So my gap year has turned into 2 years.. graduated from a mid-tier UC one year ago, took a year off to increase my ECs and clinical experiences. I've been volunteering & studying for the MCAT this past year, but have decided to take another year off to keep working on my app.

    I could really use some advice on how to improve my app during this year. I was wondering if my clinical experiences are enough in regards to being hands-on, and also if the adcomm will look down on the fact that most of my volunteering has been done during my gap years, instead of during my undergrad? THANKS A BUNCH for reading this.. I really appreciate any advice!

    Major - Biology
    cGPA: 3.54, sGPA: 3.48
    MCAT: Taking in January, aiming for a 32+
    strong LORs - 1 science, 1 non-science, 2 research PIs (one MD, other MD/PhD)

    -1 year of cancer research at my school (no publications)
    -1 summer of cancer research at Stanford University (scholarship)

    - Traveled to South America as part of a medical brigade (1 week)
    - Shadowed a pediatrician (20 hrs)
    - volunteered at a medical center (20hrs; just busy file work so dk if I should even include this)
    - *currently* volunteering at hospital as a patient care liaison in different departments with patient/nurse interaction (working towards 150 hrs)
    - *starting in Fall* volunteering program to spend individual time with cancer patients outside of the hospital (4 hrs/week - for a total of 90-100 hrs)

    Community & jobs:
    -*currently* volunteering at a soup kitchen (on & off so dk If I should include this)
    -*currently* volunteering for Habitat for Humanity (100+ hrs)
    -*currently* employed at an accredited private high school center as an instructor in math/chem/bio (both instruct & tutor) - 25 hrs/week
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    You're doing fine. Consider getting another science letter. Many schools need 2.

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