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I've never done it, but I've worked with a lot of older anesthesiologists who tell stories of how they used to do their own billing. It's not rocket science, of course,

I'm interested in looking into the issue because I have picked up a couple of freelance gigs where occasionally I am allowed (if not encouraged) to bill the cases myself. My colleagues who are also hustling side gigs all report that their billing companies charge a minimum of $500/month...so until I have reliable freelance volume, that isn't a great option.

I'm at the point in my career where I realize the wisdom of letting the experts do what they do best...but in my case the experts aren't even interested in my tiny account.

I have college-aged kids who are quick studies and would be happy to learn a new trick, especially if it puts a little change in their pocket. My accountant tells me that this is an advisable strategy for employing my children with bona fide jobs.

My question is: how does one get started? Right now, I have five workers' comp cases to file. (The word I'm getting is that the surgeons will have already done all the heavy lifting where workers' comp is concerned in getting authorization for the surgery. The anesthesia billing should be straight forward.)

Does anybody have advice on where to begin? Should I call the state's workers' comp fund and ask them? Browse LinkedIn? Run a TaskRabbit ad? Craigslist? Put up a flier in a rest-stop bathroom??
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