Medical How do I deal with difficult preceptor?

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Mar 12, 2013
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As a US img during my clerkships (in my experience) i had a attending who was rude towards me and wouldn’t allow me to watch or assist in any case or accompany in clinic days ( i was the only person of colour) and i felt discriminated at times wether it was his intention or not..This made me scared of my LOR.
in two of my other clerkships i also had couple med students who would purposely take over my task/work and make it appear to the residents as if im not professional towards my work. i asked them why are they doing this but they just don’t reply, and behave rudely and i’m left with the little tasks....
has anyone dealt with this kind of stuff and if so how did you react or respond to these situations professionally?
Plenty of times.

You will have preceptors who love to teach and those who hate it. Some will talk to you, some won't. Some will let you do procedures, some won't even let you interview patients in the clinic. I don't think this is is most likely the preceptor's personality. Rude? Welcome to medicine.

As far as the students, this is also something that happens. On my auditions, if you were caught doing this by the residents you basically wouldn't get a spot at the program, but it happens ALL THE TIME behind the scenes. For surgery, students try and scrub all the cases making you look like you aren't doing anything, or they leave breakfast early when all students are eating to go to the OR and suck up to the attending. It happens. Just be yourself, don't take it personally, and move on.
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