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Feb 26, 2016
When I was in PT school, I had an inpatient rehab rotation that I really liked. It was extremely rewarding working with lower level patients in an interdisciplinary environment and had the best work/life balance I experienced in all of my rotations. My outpatient ortho rotations were rewarding as well, but seemed to have more multitasking multiple patients, documentation requirements, and insurance hoops to jump through. It was always a battle to go home on time.

Now that I'm a new grad in a major city area (Philadelphia), there seem to only be outpatient ortho jobs available to me. My license is still transferring over from Idaho (I had to sit for a different state), but I can't seem to get a single call back about any inpatient acute, LTAC, or rehab jobs. I thought that maybe it was my resume/application, but I seem to be getting plenty of callbacks for outpatient ortho jobs.

Any recommendations for getting to the inpatient environment? (just go for op ortho and just apply later? wait for my license to fully transfer over and reapply everywhere? go SNF?)


Mar 9, 2019
You may not hear back from them if your current license is temporary or something like that. I was applying to inpatient while still having temp license and most of the time I was getting an automatic rejection. When I got my permanent license, I got 3 job offers (2 acute hospitals, 1 SNF) within 2-3 weeks.
I worked for a few months in outpatient while waiting for the permanent license and then quit as soon as I found inpatient job that I wanted.
But yes, do re-apply to the same places when you have your license completely processed.
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