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how do you overcome procrastination?

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Nights Watchmen
10+ Year Member
Jun 25, 2009
Sterling Hts, Mi
  1. Dentist
    So i am a big procrastinator, how do i overcome it?

    I believe most people have a natural tendency to procrastinate. I believe it comes to the fact that humans are naturally good at working under-pressure (no matter how much you hate it).

    When you procrastinate, you force yourself to end up in situations where your ALMOST out of time... and the extra added pressure makes you work smarter / harder.... I dunno its just my theory.

    However, I believe this will NOT be an issue in dental school. They throw sooo much material at you in a single week that your constantly forced to study all the time.... if you don't, failing or being at the lowest rank in the class is the outcome


    Full Member
    Aug 28, 2010
    1. Pre-Dental


      Full Member
      10+ Year Member
      Jul 11, 2008
      1. Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
        Just think to yourself "what I do in the next few years will determine what I'll be doing for the rest of my life".... Let the fear of failure motivate & spring you into action! lol.

        7 Iron

        Full Member
        5+ Year Member
        Oct 8, 2010
        1. Dentist
          I think it's difficult to change. You might always be a procrastinator. But that doesn't mean you can't overcome it in school. My wife has a big problem with procrastination--she did in college and still does now in her graduate program. I just don't understand it :D

          Maybe it might help for you to think "if I just sit down and finish this, then I can reward myself by _________" insert favorite activity. Rewards keep me motivated, anyway.


          Troy&Abed in the morning!
          7+ Year Member
          Nov 9, 2009
          1. Medical Student
            I'm actually enrolled in a psychology course right now and current research shows that pressure due to procrastination actually does not allow to work harder or more effectively. According to my text, studies show that procrastination has a negative impact on quality of work performance and that time management is actually a better predictor of college GPA than SAT scores. The book suggests some time management techniques as well: monitoring your use of time, clarifying your goals for projects, planning your activities using a set schedule, protecting your work time by getting rid of distractions, and increasing our efficiency (tackle one task at a time, handle papers only once, group similar tasks together, making use of your down time).

            I was a chronic procrastinator, and I've found that breaking tasks into smaller chunks works wonders for me. Also, making sure I'm in a quiet area. No music, TV, or anything like that. I'm less stressed and I'm more focused on the task at hand. And since I'm doing them in small chunks, I can easily spend 30 minutes to an hour on something and then move on to something I would rather be doing.

            Hope that helped a little! :]


            Proud of my Pats
            10+ Year Member
            5+ Year Member
            Aug 15, 2007
            1. Dental Student
              I haven't seen anyone overcome it. I blame myself less for procrastinating by considering it a challenge -- like playing NFL Madden on hard mode or eating a greasy burger to challenge my heart.


              Full Member
              5+ Year Member
              Jun 10, 2010
              1. Pre-Dental
                I have always been pretty bad about procrastinating. However, I've gotten a lot better during school because I just write out "To-Do" lists. I know it sounds lame, but just write out all the things you need to do within the next week, or ought to do, and get something done every week. I usually try and knock out the harder stuff earlier in the week so that I can relax later. I still put off assignments and projects, but as time to turn them in winds down, I just learn to manage my time using lists...That's helped me.


                Full Member
                10+ Year Member
                7+ Year Member
                Sep 29, 2008
                1. Dental Student
                  For me, I just get a C on a test, think about how all the work I've done so far is for nothing and I'll never be a dentist, and that gets me out of my procrastination streak real quick.

                  This one:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:! I got too caught up having fun traveling for my interviews that I procrastinated on my biochem test and received a C.....below the average grade...Now i find myself studying biochem everyday as part of my daily routine. Brush teeth, take shower, read some biochem, eat food etc. This method worked wonders! gonna kick ass on the 2nd exam hopefully.:D
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