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Mar 6, 2010
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So I was working on EK, learned about this website, read SN2ed's posting and realized that there are other verbal prep books out there.

Since I had only 4 EK 101 tests left and my exam was scheduled on June, I decided to save them for the end.

I am working on crappy verbal passages first to train my brain mapping skill and will be working on good passages (remaining EK and hyperlearning) before tackling FLs.

I was improving from 4 to 9 while I was doing EKs. However, once I switched to Kaplan(the worst one), my score is fluctuating all over the place. I score from 6 to 11 but mostly 7.

Then I am going to switch to TBR (the second worst) then work on TPR hyperlearning (old edition), then work on EK 16 short exam verbal passages and then finally finish the remaining EK 101 verbal.

Do you think this would work? Does Gold Standard has any good verbal passages? Perhaps I could use Gold to adjust to CBT from paper.
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