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How late am I ??


7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jun 5, 2002
I'm right there with you DoubleL. I will be submitting my application early next week. About 4-5 of my friends have not submitted their application yet either. I think early is anytime during June/July, and then applying late would be late September/October. Obviously, the earlier the better. But by no means are you late.
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Full Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Nov 20, 2001
you don't have to worry so much!! this board tends to distort reality a bit. :D Most of us/them are over-achievers.

Let me tell you, that the kids at my school haven't even STARTED their application yet, because they are trying to study for Aug MCAT. So you are not late by any means.

As far as getting nervous about others recieving their secondaries--speaking as a person who submitted her application relatively early, let me tell you that most of us haven't even been verified yet. Apparently, most people who submitted in early July onwards are not verified. So you're not THAT late as you'd think. :D

Take care and stay away from this board for a while,


7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Aug 15, 2001
I'm late too. Trying to submit this weekend. Kinda late studying for the MCAT also. I started studying about a month ago for August ( i didnt take it in April and I'm still slapping myself for that!)
Good luck.
Btw: How many schools are you applying to?
Any other procrastinators out there?

Pickle Salt

7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jul 15, 2002
Hey guys -

Out of about 15 friends of mine who are serious about medical school, only two of us have finished the primaries (TMDSAS and AMCAS). Don't worry, there's plenty of time. Talking to med school admissions people has taught me that timing is really not TOO important, and that with the exception of the severly late folks, everyone's got an equal chance. But hey, get the apps done a.s.a.p., because secondaries add up quickly, and the faster you're done, the easier it is to schedule interviews.
I think that we SDNers are pretty hardcore about apps and scores and stuff...i mean, just browsing around on this thing, i'm seeing GPAs and MCATs that are just kickass. I defenitely do not think that SDN kids are a fair representation of the people who apply to med schools... ;)


7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jan 30, 2002
Originally posted by DoubleL
Hey everyone -

I am finally finishing up my application and plan to submit it this weekend.

Reading all the posts from people who have already gotten secondaries only makes me feel worse. So, is there anybody else out there who still hasn't submitted their AMCAS yet?



Last year I submitted AMCAS on Oct 11. I turned most of my secondaries in very close to their due dates. I still got interviews at 7 of 11.

Don't be such a freak-worrier.


Senior Member
10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jul 12, 2002
I haven't submitted either. And seeing all the postings on the board scared me too, though I still believe it's not late yet. Maybe less than half the people I know have already submitted. Hopefully I'll be in early next week. I'd rather have more time to make sure I'm comfortable with my personal statement than gain a few extra days, at least at this point in the game. And this is such a game... All timing means right now is that we might not be interviewing/finding out if we got in till later in the process.
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