How long are pre-reqs good for?

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Jun 4, 2021
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I graduated back in fall of 2020 with my bachelors in biomedicine and married my wife Summer of 2022.

I have all my pre-req dental courses taken. My wife is doing PA school (hopefully getting accepted and starting within the next year) and then I’ll be applying to dental school after she graduates.

With that said, it’ll probably be another 2-4 years until I apply.

Will my pre-req courses still be accepted by dental schools even though they’ll be older at my time off applying? I’ll also be starting a masters soon.

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I believe it's generally between 5-10 years. I'm not sure if that means when you took the classes and their specific term, or the year when you graduated. Here's a thread with similar question from 2015, or here on reddit. However, it may be best to reach out to specific schools and ask them to confirm this. But I would imagine that you will be okay.

Be weary of when you plan to take your DAT, that's only good for 3 years. The best bet would be to take it the year you plan on applying such that if you don't get in you can at least get another cycle with the score or retake it if needed.

Hope this helps!
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