How to increase income while completing Dental Pre Reqs non traditional student

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Feb 7, 2023
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Current full time dental assistant. M-F , 8am-5pm, 40hrs guaranteed , PTO and Sick leave 8 hrs per month , Tuition benefits 6 credits per semester (18 credits per year)

$32,000 / year salary

Non traditional student, 1 teenager

Some courses here and there , planning on restarting college , I can work around my schedule with evening and weekend classes , but in need of more income

The only other option is to leave the dental field and do something else which I really don’t want to do

I’ve worked in private practice for less pay and without guaranteed hours (sent home due to internet down or patient cancellations)

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Learn how to assist orrho and get a job (or jobs) at an ortho (and or corp) office work less and the pay is better. I hope your state doesn't require RDA license. Herr in CA, one has to have RDA license in order to assist ortho.