Psychology How long does it take to complete Widener University PSYD program?

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Hey, I've been looking at the Widener University PsyD/MEd in Clinical Psych and Human Sexuality. I just wanted to know how long it took for anyone to do this. It says "average of 5 years" on their website, but I wanted to know if this was the case for everyone. Also, how is their program in general? Thank you!
Hey there! Since you're asking a question about a specific school without any identifying information about yourself, it might be worthwhile to post in one of the public forums where more people can see your answer. SDN experts is well equipped to advise you on your application and more specifically guide you based on your needs, but the public forums have a great deal more people. It's unlikely that any specific school will have a graduate here.


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Jan 7, 2010
I agree with tantacles: asking your question in the public Psychology forum will probably net you more responses, or will at least increase the likelihood of a graduate from that specific program seeing your question.

With 5 years (technically 5.23) being the average time to completion, they're going to have folks taking more and less time to finish. Looking at their outcome data for the entire program (found HERE), it looks like of recent cohorts, 77% finished in 5 years, 15% in 6 years, 4% in 7 years, and 2% in >7 years (along with 1% in <5 years). So you'd seemingly have a pretty good shot at finishing in 5 years, and are very likely to finish in 6 years at most. However, I don't know how those numbers may vary for folks in one of the dual-degree programs. Their attrition rates have generally been in the single-digits (raw number and %-wise) since 2009-2010, which is a good sign.
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