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Oct 12, 2007
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I was thinking of applying to 50 peds programs to ensure that I match (15 DO and 35 MD), but I am not sure if this is overkill as I don’t to want to be wasting so many people’s time with reading my application. I’ve read some previous threads on the subject, but I have a couple things on my ERAS that aren’t found on the average application.

Comlex 1: 420
Comlex 2: Taking in October
USMLE: Not taken
Years 1 and 2 grades: B’s and C’s, no fails
Year 3 grades: Honors in pediatrics, passes for the other 9 months, pass/unsatisfactory in ob/gyn (passed the clinical portion, failed the exam portion, successfully remediated the exam)
Excellent personal statement and LOR’s
Misdemeanor DUI from 15 years ago
M.S. degree in Biomedical Sciences with research experience
Average number of volunteer experiences

My main concern is the mediocre COMLEX 1 score and 3rd year ob/gyn exam remediation on whether or not I’ll match. The wife and I are fine with living in any part of the 50 states, so to increase my chances I’ll be applying to many community-based programs.

Any input on the number of programs to apply to is appreciated.
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