USMLE How should I assess where my scores are at?

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Mar 12, 2013
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Quick background: Last year I took COMLEX around this time and decided not to take Step 1 (but decided to take Step 1 this year). I started USMLERx around March/April and have completed about 2/3 of Kaplan. I started UW last week.

USMLERx: 80% (completed 90%; skipped the questions that they marked as "easy" questions)
Kaplan: 77% (completed 64% so far)
UWorld: 85% (just started through 8 blocks)

So since last year I completed UW once (77% average) and completed NBME 16-19 + both UWSA1/2, I really have no way of accessing how I am doing/where I am at this time around with my scores. I remember my NBME scores were between 236-245 last year. My test date is July 20, and up to this point I haven't done any content review since COMLEX last year (other than doing the questions listed above).

I am now in my "dedicated" period doing two UW blocks a day, 25 Kaplan questions, and then using Boards and Beyond for my content review.

Any suggestions on how I should assess my scores? My goal is 250.

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77% Kaplan and 77% UW (your first go) already puts you on about 257. Given that you improved doing B&B, Kaplan and are now getting 85% UW - I think it's safe to say you should score above 250+ already. Take NBME 18 and see where you are at. Also not sure if you took free 120? If both of them will confirm your current standing - then you are good to go.

P.S. If you don't mind explaining briefly HOW in the world you managed to do MS3 year AND still retain all this step1 info? I'm thinking postponing my step 1 to end of MS3 year, but everyone is saying I won't have time to study during MS3 rotations and that even what I know will fade away due to time/retention issues.
My first pass average was kaplan : 79% and Rx : 84% (did simultaneously)and UW : 90% (after them) and NBMEs were above 265, I think you’ll easily cross 250. Try doing the older NBMEs 12,11 if you can find them for reference I think ~15 incorrects would be easily above 250 on them.

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My 85% UW is after doing the entire bank last year. On a block of 40 questions, 2-3 of them seem familiar, but I never remember the answers. I really hope that this isn't leading to inflated scores.

I do have the older NBMEs and prolly will do them as well. Should I redo the newer NBMEs as well?