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Jun 7, 2011
I'm a second year and want to start studying for boards. I'm a bit overwhelmed because of all the sources and ways to study that are out there. I've heard that I should use UWorld, Firecracker, Kaplan, Goljan audio, Goljan Path Rapid Review, First Aid, Combank, Kaplan Qbank, Kaplan books, Pathoma, USMLE rx, and more.

I'm know there are many threads in which people recommend how to study, but I thought I'd create my own to take the most up to date advice, and what's best for me based on my style, strengths, and weaknesses.

Some facts about me: I'm a DO. My strengths are in Pharmacology and Microbiology (I'm better at straightforwards black&white material) and my weaknesses are in Pathology and Immunology.

So if someone can recommend or point me in the right direction of what sources I should use now and which ones I should use after the year ends, I'd highly appreciate it. I know for MCAT studying there was SN2ED's schedule, which I found very useful. Basically, I need help in organizing my sources, and my studying style/schedule so that I can develop a proper routine.

Thanks for reading.