Aug 24, 2017
Pre-Physical Therapy
I am a Pilates teacher and I have my initial 500 hour training and two different continuing ed workshops (Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies, and Pilates for Osteoporosis). I have included my teaching experience in my essay and in my work history, but I'd like to also include these trainings since they really showcase my interest in PT! Both of those continuing ed workshops were taught by physical therapists, in fact. They can't go under Licenses and Certifications because they have no expiration dates (they aren't legal licenses or certifications which are required to be updated).Should I put them under Experiences: extracurricular activities? Should I leave them out?? I wish there was an "other training or educational experience" section. Any other pilates/yoga/fitness instructors out there with a solution?
May 18, 2017
I would include that as an extracurricular acitivity in your experiences. It's definitely a relevant experience

I would also include that they were educational workshops for osteoporosis and injuries, and that they were taught by PTs
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