Mar 30, 2010
Pharmacy Student
I'm currently a P'3 and I seriously consider applying for residency next year. I've been told in the past that I should start doing some researching on different residency programs that are out there. However, I don't know how to begin. Should I contact the director or the current residents for more info besides looking up information from their websites?




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May 27, 2008
Have you been to any professional conferences, even small ones (like your APhA-ASP MRM or your state pharmacy org. conferences if they have a student chapter)? A lot of them have residency information, so you can start at least seeing what kind of residencies you may like in your region/state.

The online information that a lot of programs give seems to give good descriptions of the program. For example, do you want to do ambulatory care as a part of your residency? If you do, a lot of residencies out there are already weeded out since they do little to no am. care. Do you want to do pediatrics? Look at children's hospitals or hospitals that at least offer pediatric rotations, etc...

Otherwise, I imagine going to midyear would probably help during P4 year. I know, a P2 answering a P3's question might not give you the info you want, but I'm just trying to be as helpful as I can.


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May 23, 2007
Look online and start considering what you want in a residency. Do you want other residents? Are you willing to look in one specific geographic area or all over? Do you want a large teaching hospital or a community hospital? Do you want to specialize? If you find any programs that really interest you, send them an email for more info but also ask some questions. Not all residencies have info prepared in addition to what you find in the directory.

Also, don't go to Midyear just to get info on residencies. You should be prepared with what you're looking for, specific programs to talk to for more information, and questions to ask them. I think I got my residency because the director remembered me from the showcase.