how to pick some schools to apply?

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i am in the process of applying.

how do i pick some schools from the 18 listed?


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It depends on where you live and (obviously) how much your GPA (science and overall)and MCATs are. Since your talking about 18 schools, I'm assuming your talking about osteopathic medical schools. I suggest that you start by going to

This is the site for the osteopathic medical school application service. You can download the application material from there. You can also get application materials from the pre-health advisors office at your college. The website also has links to the medical schools and gives you info about the average GPA and MCAT scores of the most recent entering class. If you fall within the average profile, then it would be a good choice for you (academically speaking).

Second, you need to decide where you want to live. Do you want to attend a school close to home (if that's possible)or do you want to go out of state. If you want to go out of state, you should be aware that some schools have greater preference for students from their own state and that you need very competitive GPA and MCAT scores to be even considered for an interview.

Third, you should work on getting a letter from a D.O.. Although some schools recommend getting a letter from an osteopathic physician, other require a letter. If you're planning to apply to allopathic schools as well, you might also need a letter from an M.D..

I hope what I said above is helpful. If not let me know, if I can clarify anything.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the detailed explanations.

I think that most osteopathic schools are private, do they still give preference to their own state applicants?

I am here in california, so where else can I apply other than the few in california?


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NYCOM is a private school and does not give prefernce to New York State residents (although quite few of the students come from New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut). There are also a few students from California. So you might want to try NYCOM.

On the other hand, MSU and UMDNJ are both state schools and have a storng preference for students from their own state. Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but if you look at the AACOM webpage, it will tell you how many students the different schools accept from outside their state.

FYI, There are 19 colleges of osteopathic medicine.

Just like AMS suggested, look up all the schools and determine which take out of state students. dont waste your money applying to the state supported schools. I did this and i had the schools narrowed down to 11. Then look at their average GPA's and MCATs and apply to the schools according to yours. just a reminder, dont get discouraged by the averages. Osteopathic medical schools emphasize a lot on other criterias besides MCAT and GPA. e-mail me if you have any specific questions.