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Jul 28, 2016
Hi! I am submitting my VMCAS in the next few weeks, and trying to look ahead at the school I am applying to. I was wondering if anyone could help explain how loans covering your cost of living come to the student. I am used to an end or middle of the semester check, but that seems incorrect for vet school loans. Is it a stipend type of repayment or one lump sum at the beginning of the semester??? I am trying to make sure I will have enough saved until loan money comes through to afford moving and living expenses, and knowing when tot expect loan money would help tremendously. Thank you for all those who reply!!!


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Sep 1, 2011
Rhode Island
Typically lump sum at the beginning of the semester (like a week or two into it). If you ask for additionally money (like you don't take out the total you're allowed in say GradPlus for example but decided you need it later on) then it comes to you in the middle.