1. P

    Need help optimizing this schedule of courses to best prepare me for the MCAT/best remember course material for the mcat.

    Essentially, I am looking for advice on classes I should move around to a different semester to optimize preparedness for the MCAT while keeping the workload as light as possible. For instance, semester 3 seems rather heavy with ochem 2, physics, and genetics all together so if there are...
  2. S

    Aerospace Engineering & Premed -- Am I screwed?

    Here's the dilemma: To make things clear, I do not wish to be an Aerospace Engineering major. However, I do not want to transfer out of my university and was denied a major transfer within my school. Thus, since I'm determined to apply to medical school, my only option seems to be both Aerospace...
  3. D


  4. auoz1

    UC Davis Post Bacc - Personal Statement Questions

    Hello, I just joined this forum and would like to ask for some help with a writing assignment. I was wondering if anyone who has applied to the UC Davis Pre-Med Post-Bac program before, would be willing to share what questions were asked for the personal essays? I am working on a personal...
  5. D

    Supplemental questions

    Is your application incomplete until you have sent in your supplemental questions? I am turning in my application by this weekend but I am going on vacation until July 10. I'm not sure if I will have time to work on my supplemental questions. Should I try to finish it before I leave for...
  6. M

    Questions to Ask at Medical School Fair

    We have a medical school admissions fair at my school next week that I need to start preparing for. What types of questions are best to ask these schools? What do you wish that you had asked admissions at various schools when you were starting to feel them out? Some of the schools attending I...
  7. D

    Program-Specific Info / Q's University of Alabama Birmingham

    Hello, I am a student that is considering UAB for Occupational Therapy. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and meeting the students. I was wondering if anyone would be able to share information about the program: What are the classes like? How is the classroom dynamic with classmates? What are...
  8. Knightwing

    Medical School Overseas

    I'm currently a high school senior. So far I've only been looking at in-state colleges and potential future medical schools in the US so far. At one point I looked at a medical school overseas in Ireland but I quickly forgot about that as I was more focused on other things. Recently...
  9. 9

    Urology Work/Activities Section

    I was curious how I should input a particular activity/set of activities: 1) I am a medical laboratory technician at a urology clinic 2) I am the only lab tech, so I also hold the title of Lab manager and duties (validating lots, Quality Control continuity, proficiency testing, "Small team...
  10. I

    Questions to ask DPT programs during interview

    Hey guys, I have a few interviews coming up. I have heard that DPT programs love when you ask questions, but I am not sure what to ask considering I have researched everything I could find about the school and asked the admissions office all of the other questions I had. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. I

    Midwestern University in Downers Grove, IL interview

    Hello everybody, I recently scored an interview with Midwestern University in Downers Grove! Can anyone who has had an interview here explain to me what the process is like and what types of questions are asked? Thank you,
  12. Punished Angeleno

    Post-Interview Questions

    Hello, I was just wondering if it's appropriate to print the list of questions I've prepared for the interviewer. Thanks!
  13. Titoxyco

    USMLE Wich is the difference between Step 1 and Step 2 CK?

    Hi guys! I am starting to study for Step 1. I saw sample test questions on the USMLE web, but I feel they are very similar test. For example, you are asked for diagnosis in both. Thank you so much guys! I am IMG, so is a little bit difficult to catch some information.
  14. S

    Interview for admissions committee

    I'm interviewing for a spot on my school's admissions committee. I have no idea what kind of questions I will be asked. I would appreciate any advice on the types of questions if anyone has been through this in the past. Thanks!
  15. J

    The "open secret" about how to pass the CPJE

    You know that "bulletin" they send you when you sign up for the test? If you're smart, you'll study those questions very closely. If you search this forum you'll find out why :) Here's the thing nobody else will tell you though. There are multiple versions of the CPJE bulletin and it's wise to...
  16. D

    Non-clinical dentist jobs?

    I’ve seen a few postings that mention non-clinical dentist jobs but nothing specific. Can anyone share some light on the topic?
  17. F

    Michigan State University DO 2018-2019

    Please post essay questions when you receive them. Good luck to everyone!
  18. N

    Can someone message me about my chances?

    Hi I just had a couple questions, and I'm not on the competitive side of applicants really and I had a few questions about that.. I was hoping I could PM someone about it! thank you!
  19. C

    The all too frequent "what are my chances" post

    Sorry about this, but any advice would be helpful! I am definitely interested in DO but my dream school (a pipe dream with my GPA) is MD and I need to at least try first? Do I have a shot? State: PA Undergrad: Neuroscience (BS), Sociology (BA) and chemistry minor GPA: 3.5 (I know it's pretty...
  20. J

    Uworld Full time Atlanta EST (skype/in person)SP-step 2CK

    Looking for SP to meet in person in atlanta or on skype. Would prefer either gender. I am on Eastern Standard Time. Meet daily to complete a first review of uworld questions and help motivate each other. Please PM me your skype ID or message me for my number to coordinate study times. At least...
  21. thelazyvaca

    Current status, and a few questions. How am I doing? I NEED y'alls help!

    I am currently starting my second Summer here at my university in Texas getting ready to enter my junior year as a Pre-Dent. With as much excitement I am feeling towards my future, I have concerns and worries as well. With all the concern, I have multiple questions I would like to ask everyone...
  22. DentalNucleicAcid

    Dental School Sample Interview Questions & Answers

    Hey Friends, Congrats to everyone here whether you're applying this cycle or not, because we're all working towards an amazing profession :) For those of you applying this cycle, this is an exciting time! I wanted to share with you a list of sample answers to some of the most commonly asked...
  23. M

    Step 2 CK Questions Wrong vs. Score

    For those of us anxiously awaiting test results, could you shed any light on how many you got wrong vs. your score? I was performing well on practice tests, but know I made some silly mistakes along the way and am trying to calm my nerves. Any insight is greatly appreciated!
  24. A

    Neurologist Interview

    1. Main tasks? 2. Education? 3. Most common procedure? 4. How did you get into this career? 5. Likes and dislikes? 6. Advice? 7. Personal characteristics needed to be successful as a neurologist? 8. Changes you see in the future? 9. How often you see patients?
  25. D

    UWorld blocks on unfamiliar material?

    Would you recommend starting random UWorld question blocks even if I haven't seen the content in months? I'm starting my dedicated now and it seems like a waste to do questions for say pulmonology when I likely remember maybe 15% of that material from my class and the FA I read at that time...
  26. S

    EMT considering DO

    Hi all! Kind of a non-trad here. I'm currently considering DO school, as I've had a sudden spark in interest. Figured I'd look into it a little more. My problem is, I have extremely minimal background in sciences. I graduated with a BA in Policy Studies concentrating in Health, Crime and Human...
  27. U

    A Few Questions Regarding Pre Med and Medical School

    Hello, soon I will be applying to colleges and I intend to pursue a medical career. I have done some research online and I have some idea of what to expect, but there are a few questions that I still have. Hopefully someone can help, thank you very much in advance. 1) If I intend to eventually...
  28. Captain Jigglesworth

    Webpath plagiarism?

    So for each block my school posts questions pertaining to the lectures. Lately I've noticed that for some questions they are basically copy and pasting questions from Webpath. It's kind of annoying cause they don't give us many questions as it is and now they're taking from our pool of outside...
  29. Lexi64

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Elmhurst college - Group interview - what to expect??

    Hi guys! I have a group interview at Elmhurst College for their MOT (OT Master's Program) this upcoming week. I was wondering if there's anyone who knows what to expect during this interview process? Possibly current Elmhurst OT students or others who interviewed at Elmhurst in the past...
  30. dentaldiva27

    Non-traditional interview questions

    Hey everyone! What have been some non-traditional interview questions you have been asked at your interviews? A lot of schools seem to ask about your non-academic achievements and I'm trying to think of a good response to this question. I was thinking of talking about the time I won the regional...
  31. lifeguard2014

    Odd questions: pondering life

    Is it ever okay to cry with a patient? Would you pray with a patient, even if their beliefs differ from yours?
  32. R

    Questions on the journey to Pharm.D from GED/HSE

    (Skip down to the questions if you don’t want to read about me it’s a bit long.) Hi, i was wondering what i should do with a HSE/GED. I’ve been lost for the past few years not knowing what to do with my life. I was an addict with multiple types drugs, i have self quit to show my peers that it’s...
  33. BoardVitals

    Test Tools Want free practice questions? Enter our raffle.

    We're giving away 3 prizes in the raffle this year! Click here to enter. You could win: The Ultimate Med School Study Package OR Any BoardVitals Question Bank of your choice (we're giving away two of these.) We'll select the winner next Monday, Sept 25. Anyone who enters will win one of...
  34. A

    ATLS Practice Tests

    I want to announce my website with full-length ATLS tests: mcatest wixsite com/atls You can download the questions free, and pay $4.99 for the answers and full explanations. Thank you.
  35. Piglet2020

    Post-Interview - That Sinking Feeling

    So just had my interview recently at a state school, and both interviews were scheduled to be 1 hr each. Problem is that I talked to both doctors for about 45-50 mins each. I'm scared I asked too many questions. The interview was more like a conversation and I got caught up asking follow up...
  36. FireInTheSky

    Lots of Questions/Asking For Advice

    Hey everyone, I have several questions. For certain questions pertaining to my college search, I am a Texas resident from a low-income family. So I'm considering pre-medicine and a major of some sort, of course, as my options for college, and I have been for a while, but I have a few questions...
  37. D

    Gen Chem Help

    Hi! I'm struggling with the general chemistry section of the DAT. I was originally going to take my DAT on July 31st but I wasn't scoring consistently (fluctuating from 16-20) on the different tests I have taken, so I pushed my exam back. I use mostly Kaplan and just started DAT Bootcamp, and...
  38. C

    Freshman GPA: What should I do??!

    Hello, I am a new member here and just wanted to ask a few questions about being a pre-med. I just finished my freshman year. Took Gen Chem 1, writing course in the first semester and took Gen Chem 2, Bio 1 and another writing course in the second semester. (Plus other courses that count...
  39. S

    Supplemental Questions 2017 AADSAS

    Anyone else stressing hard over these or am I overthinking them? How heavily are these weighed by schools? It really annoys me how we have to complete these before being able to submit to certain schools :/ My main application is literally waiting to be submitted
  40. O

    More questions or more review ??

    Hi everyone so I was just curious whether if following ARIs study guide and reviewing for ~5 weeks would be worth it? A lot of people are telling me that i should be doing a lot more questions than review. I know every case is different but I start officially studying tomorrow and I was...