1. W

    Change jobs for financial stability vs. stay for stronger LOR?

    Fellow non-trads, I am a 28 yo M looking to matriculate for Allopathic MD school, Fall 2023. I was an English/philosophy major in college who circled back around to science to get an MS in epidemiology, with 1 year of courses into a PhD in the same. I took an "extended leave of absence"...
  2. B

    BU vs. UB (IS) vs. Rutgers (OOS) vs. Temple (OOS)

    Hi everyone — I need some guidance in deciding what school to attend next year. I loved BU the most out of my interviews, but have read quite a few negative things about the school on SDN. Any BU students have feedback on this? In terms of financials, I would get in-state for Rutgers after the...
  3. Lifeblood_20

    Living and finances in medical school

    Hello, Hope you are all staying safe and healthy. I was recently accepted to a US medical school, and it has only been sinking in that I am actually going to be a medical student, embarking on the long journey of training to be a physician. A bit of background: I am a traditional student, 22 yo...
  4. CrossCassowary

    Pathologist salary

    How much do pathologists actually make without a PhD? I went into vet school wanting to be an anatomic pathologist, but now that it's time to apply, I'm having cold feet because I'm worried about finances. I have ~250k debt. I want to be able to pay back my student loans and start living life...
  5. Ramaq Chishti

    Finances for IMGs for MPH

    Hello everyone. Unfortunately, inbox conversations are limited only to 5 members and we weren’t able to add all those who replied back. Creating this thread now so we can all add our share of information to help each other out. Due to applying to a restricted cohort of schools where aid and...
  6. K

    Transferring Post-Bac Programs

    Hello, This is my first post so please bear with me. I received a psychology degree from a state school and graduated with a 3.9 GPA. The last year of college I decided that I wanted to enter healthcare, specifically a doctor. I had toyed with the idea before but I think I was too emotionally...
  7. A

    How do Med Students repay debt?

    Is anyone else wary about the debt they are taking on? The average medical student graduates with 190k in debt. At the grad PLUS rate of 7%, paying down just the interest during residency (13,300 per year) seems nearly impossible. After residency, you are now likely into your early thirties or...
  8. K

    Immediately after acceptance - things I wish I knew

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a few things I really wish I had known right after being accepted, despite the intense research I had done during the application process. - As I am sure you know, and I did too, you will need a number of immunizations, beyond the standard UG list. Between UG...
  9. P

    PhD/PsyD PsyD Tuition: How much is too much?

    Although I am waiting to hear back from University of Denver's PsyD program, I'm worried about the tuition. It's $62,000 a year. Is it even worth it? I was accepted to Florida Tech and their tuition is $29,000 a year. Can I justify DU's price??? Anyone attending a costly PsyD program, and if so...
  10. Art2doc

    Husband refuses to let me go to med school

    Hi all, I’m new here. I recently received a very generous offer from my Stepdad to pay for medical school AND my mortgage for the duration. I am 37, married 10 years with two elementary-aged daughters. This is a very different career than my first one and will be a lot work (obviously). My...
  11. R

    Refinance vs enter REPAYE - unique situation

    Hello all - please some help for finding the correct financial solution. I am trying to figure out what my best financial option is: REPAYE vs refinance vs possibly a mix of both?? I am currently a 3rd year resident of a 5 year program. I recently commissioned Army Reserve and as part of my...
  12. N

    Use all extra income to pay off debt or save/invest some of it?

    What do you guys think? Is it smarter to use all your disposable income to pay off debt or should you stash some away in a savings account? Say you have 120k in student loan debt.
  13. N

    Working for a loan forgiveness program vs on your own

    I had a question for those who have graduated DPT program with a significant debt (100k plus). I wanted to get your opinions on whether you think it's smarter from a financial perspective to work for a program that pays less with less autonomy, but will pay back your student loans or even have a...
  14. S

    Free 110 page book : how to avoid scams, save money. Awesome.

    Hi This free book is just awesome. How to avoid scams and save money for international students. https://media.wix.com/ugd/654734_22e37f9a5dbb402daa2508abef1473ea.pdf Not just free and useful, but is also fun to read. So, so true the stuff the author talks about. Makes us realize what a...
  15. germindian123

    Doctor Loan Mortgage Programs

    Hey guys I posted on this huge thread but I figured I could also just start a new one since it is so old https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/doctor-loan-physician-loan-programs.385616/page-15 Anyways, I'll be purchasing a home this coming summer and have been looking into the doctor loan...
  16. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS Deferred enrollment - Occupational Therapy

    I'm applying to OT schools currently, and am entering my final year of my undergrad this Fall. I will not be taking a gap year. I am wondering if OT programs allow deferred enrollment? As I will be fully financially responsible for myself, I will need to work and go to school in order to pay...
  17. Tamsin21

    How to use loans during vet schools??

    Hi! I am submitting my VMCAS in the next few weeks, and trying to look ahead at the school I am applying to. I was wondering if anyone could help explain how loans covering your cost of living come to the student. I am used to an end or middle of the semester check, but that seems incorrect for...
  18. S

    Not sure if I should consider myself disadvantaged for the AMCAS app?

    I'm not sure if this counts as being disadvantaged, but I was raised by my grandparents who retired when I was around 15. I had health insurance up until 18 when we couldn't afford it anymore and I was no longer a dependent. After my grandfather retired (when I was 15), our household income was...