How to write an effective update letter (if there is nothing to update)

Jun 10, 2013
Medical Student (Accepted)
So I was complete at most of my schools at the end of September, and like many people on here I havent hear anything for any of my schools. Someone suggested that I write an update letter, but I really dont have anything to update that was not in my application.

I work full-time as a senior scientist in RnD at a local biotech company, should write and say that I use engineered, cloned, and expressed a protein that is going to change the way pcr is done?

I am also an adjunct professor at a local university, should I update them and say that I was chosen to speak at the Biology club seminar series about how to get a Ph.D and the difference between acedemic and industry research?

I am a drummer in a local rock band, should I update them on the new album and the upcoming show we are playing?

Thoughts, suggestions on how to get my application back in play would be helpful.
Stats: MCAT 1: 10/6/11
MCAT 2: 10/7/11
undergrad cgpa: 3.3 sgpa: 3.21
Ph.D in Cellular/Molecular Biology sgpa: 3.3
10+ years of biomedical research experience (7 publication) and 3 years university professor teaching experience



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May 7, 2010
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It is still early in the cycle and waiting several months is very typical. I personally have not heard back from about 8 DO/6MD schools in which I've been complete since early September. There are many of us in similar situations. It may just be that they haven't gotten to your application yet. Sounds like you've got an awesome application and I would give it some time before submitting a letter. This is just my opinion as a fellow applicant.
Jul 9, 2013
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Your gpa is a bit below average, but I think you obviously know that you clearly have the ability to study/do science. I agree with Waggles--they probably have not gotten to your application yet. I would be very surprised if you didn't get admits. Maybe because of your lower gpa it's taking them longer to get to your file. I would assume you should start hearing from programs at some point...just be patient. Again, I also just think, because I'm just an applicant as well.