Jul 6, 2016
Hey guys so I'm planning on applying to Howard for Fall 2017. My stats are as follows:
GPA: 3.0/3.1 idk what my science gpa is but it's gotta be around a 2.6/7
graduating with a degree in cell and molecular biology spring 17
PCAT preliminary composite: 47 :( bio: 54, chem: 49
been working as a pharm tech in retail pharmacy for almost 5 months, tech certification expected in September
I have a leadership position in 1 organization at school
a lot of volunteer work. 2 years of hospital voluntering
I am black if that really makes a difference
also will have 3 great LORs 1 pharmacist, 2 professors

If anyone has gotten into Howard, know somebody who has gotten in, or even been rejected or wailisted; could you post stats? and what do you think of my chances?