Feb 23, 2010
Just finished up with my first year of college and was out of school for about 7 years. So I have started from literally scratch. I had a very rough semester, I have a wife(full-time school as well) and a little boy and we are a one car family. Halfway through the semester our car died and was not able to make it to class for almost two weeks. Teachers were understandable but I had a lab as well as college algebra and with the missed time I could not play keep up well enough.

Anyways here are my grades
Psych 101:A
Eng 101:A

Summer 1:
Math(intro alg.):B
Eng 102:A

Summer 2:
Math Algebra: C

Bio:B Lab:A
Math(college algebra):B or C

I am concerned but I am not freaking out about the situation. Does this hurt my chances? How do the classes I am taking look?
I do realize I need to get A's from here on out, but sometimes it is good to hear others advice to better assess my situation.
I will also be taking Gen Bio and Gen Chem at the same time this coming semester as well as Spanish and Trig. Does that seem to heavy? Should I drop Spanish to take a less rigorous pre-req?



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Apr 28, 2010
Well, your grades are definitely not too hot with those C's, but you have room for improvement. If you're having genuine problems learning the material while taking so few units, I suggest you seek out advice on effective study habits. Concern is good, but you are nowhere near "panic" mode. Work harder and more effectively. Your grades on the prereqs and upper division will seal your destiny. Those lower maths could become "forgivable."

as for your chem, bio, spanish, trig, it appears as if it would be too heavy for you since you have issues with math. Take another GE and leave the math for later if you can. If not, at least drop the spanish.

Drrrrrr. Celty

Osteo Dullahan
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Nov 10, 2009
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Well overall it doesn't seem too bad really. The low math grades are going to hurt your BCPM/science gpa but you can overcome low grades since you've only completed one of the actual pre-reqs and have a long road ahead. For DO your math grades won't count for your science gpa so effectively right now you've got a ~3.125.

Btw are you a history major?