Jan 19, 2013
After hearing how re-applicants have to drastically improve their application, I feel like I might have dug myself a hole after applying this year with sub-optimal circumstances.

I am actually a Canadian citizen who does not have the opportunity to shadow doctors (it is banned in my province, BC) applying this year with a 3.81 and 31 MCAT. I feel like my EC is not as strong as it should be, and that I am missing research and good LORs. I am about to submit my secondaries but no matter what, I feel like there are glaring weaknesses in my application that will prevent me from being accepted this cycle.

So now I am going to think ahead and figure out how I can improve my application for the next cycle as a re-applicant. I can't improve my GPA since I am going to graduate very soon. So far, I have:

- Planning to be a TA
- Improve my EC and try to gain more clinical experience (so far, I only have 300-400 hours in a senior hospital)
- Improve my MCAT: For the first time in the past 5 years, I have four months free without work or school where I will be doing nothing but studying MCAT and volunteering

What other suggestions do you guys recommend?


It makes sense if you don't think about it
May 4, 2016
Get those secondaries in fast


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Jul 26, 2009
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Get those secondaries in fast
I agree, as my father would have said "**** or get off the pot" So either submit secondaries or withdraw, dont hem and how about it. Frankly you seem like a reasonable candidate though you are international/canadian so larger hill to climb
Aug 24, 2016
Just out of curiosity, are you applying to Canadian schools or US schools?

3.8 and 31 MCAT is should be competitive enough for many schools in US. I'm not sure about Canada, however.


@SilentWings Life is sub-optimal. Make the best of your current circumstances and complete what you already started. Present your case to the best of your ability and don't dive too deep into adcom meta-games. All you can is present the narrative that is true of who you are right now in the present. Everyone has weaknesses, it's what makes us all humans.

Barring extenuating circumstances like you breaking into a music festival and having a cop tackle you to the ground , or a recent DUI charge that you haven't addressed, or you murdering someone and I don't know anymore...