Dec 17, 2013
I voided my September 6 MCAT due to illness on the day of the test. I tried to take it but I just couldn't focus because I had a headache so I would have done poorly.

I was pretty depressed because all the CA seats were filled for the whole year so I thought I would have to take the 2015, but one opened up on Oct 21st at my testing center last night!

I have been taking a break from studying but I will start tomorrow again which will leave me 5 weeks. I felt I was pretty prepared for the Sept 6 MCAT so hopefully that will be enough time to brush up on the material.

I used TBR exclusively to study for PS (read/did all of problems), and I used a combination Kaplan/old notes to study for Biology. I didn't study much for verbal except for the practice FLs (I can't seem to get past a 9-10 on a practice test, any suggestions?)

I have already taken all of the AAMCs except for one which I will save for 1-2 weeks before the exam. (got scores of 33-35 with exception of AAMC 11, a 31 :( )
Are there are other FLs that are comparable to the AAMCs that I can use to practice?

What should I do to study in these next 5 weeks?