If I am applying to start in Fall 2003, when is the last date for submitting AMCAS?


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Jun 15, 2002
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Obviously I am ignorant of these procedures. Can someone tell me when the last date is? I am laboring under a lot of disadvantages.
I took the April MCAT without much preparation and got 8v, 8p, 7b and P in WS. I am planning to take August MCAT. I know I am capable of
better scores. What I would like to know also is whether I can take August MCAT, finish prereqs in Fall '02 and Spring 03 and still make it to 2003.
I don't have bio/organic chem classes(I am studying by myself for MCAT with some review books and text/reference books). My undergrad is in Electrical
Engg and Masters in Comp.Sc. I just started my volunteer work at the Hospital lastweek and I don't have much humanities, my undergrad GPA is low(like 3.0).

Can people give me some pointers for going about fixing my disadvantages and still make it to Fall 2003. I know, some of you will tell me to improve my Undergrad
GPA and get better MCAT scores and get good EC. But how to accomplish all that is what I am asking.

People please respond. :rolleyes:


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Mar 21, 2002
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What's the rush? I doubt you'll be able to apply without taking bio or orgo. Why would you want to take the mcat without having the preparation for it? Take the prereqs, take the april 2003 mcat and apply when you're ready. Getting into med school is hard, I dont understand why you you want to apply with these disadvatages at the get-go. In the long run, 1 yr is nothing to a lifetime of practicing medicine.

I wanted to apply for fall 2003 too, I've been out of school for a few years so I was anxious to get started. I had all my pre-reqs from college and took the april mcat, but I will be a much more competitive applicant by waiting next yr (by filling up the next yr with cool experiences, taking some classes,etc).

Get the MSAR and talk to your pre-med advisor.

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May 17, 2002
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Slow down! You start by saying "I am ignorant of these procedures," but then you tell all the things you're about to jump into doing. You're going about this wrong. You need to become much better informed about all the ins and outs of the application process - there are BOOKS written on this. (I think there's a lot of good information linked from SDN's main page for starters.)

You need to know what you are doing and WHY. Everything has to build toward the eventual goal of getting into medical school - but all the steps leading up to that should be treated as goals in their own right. So one goal is to do better on MCAT - you actually did pretty well on it but there's room for improvement.

It wasn't clear to me if you are planning to take bio and o-chem classes. You MUST do this - these are prerequisites everywhere (along with physics, and often English). So that's another goal - be clear about what you need to do to fulfill prerequisites for the schools where you'd like to apply.

You note your lower-than-average GPA. You need to spend some time thinking about how you will present that on a medical school application - how will you explain it? Does your graduate education show that you improved in your ability to excel in coursework?

To start medical school in Fall 2003, you would need to have tackled all these questions AND be close to answers for them NOW. If you submit applications now, without having gotten yourself straight on these other important questions, the most likely outcome is a bunch of money to AMCAS with no interviews, much less acceptances, to show for it. I am sorry; that is harsh, but it is reality. Your competition is exceptionally well-prepared and so you must be also.

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Mar 28, 2002
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just dittoing all the previous posters.

honestly, i think you've got too much going against you to get in this application cycle. not to say that you can't get in, period, but your chances will improve by leaps and bounds if you wait and make yourself as competitive as possible. take the pre reqs (i'm not sure if you've had them) before you take the mcat again, and do well in them to boost your gpa. i would also recommend taking a class (kaplan, tpr...whatever) before you try to tackle the mcat again. give yourself enough time to get some good ECs and LORs under your belt. take the mact again next april at the earliest.


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Apr 29, 2001
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The above posters are right. Your chances of getting into medical school this year are basically nil. Take the next year and do prereqs (with good grades), a year's worth of volunteering/clinical exposure, and get some MCAT study under your belt. Take the MCAT next april, and apply for 2004.

Sure you could apply this year, but your application would be very late and your GPA would be very low. Your chances of admissions would really be near zero, and you'd have to apply again. Your BEST chance of admission comes with your first application, so you really want it the best it can be. Wait for 2004.
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