Illinois pharmacist license by endorsement (reciprocity) requirement/process question

Jan 10, 2020
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Is there anyone who can share their experience of getting Illinois pharmacist license by endorsement?
I am a graduate from US pharmacy school and obtained a pharmacist license in another state. I'm trying to get Illinois pharmacist license.
I know many other states do reciprocity but I think Illinois does endorsement instead of reciprocity (If I understood correctly).
The instruction says that I need to contact NABP to arrange for a National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Preliminary Application for Transfer of Pharmaceutic Licensure to be mailed to me (I think nabp now only send electronically licensure transfer application right..?)
And there is no other explanation after that for endorsement. Just saying about NABP application. That's it but there is still a fee of $200 for endorsement.
I am now confused about how I can pay 200 and what I have to do after submitting NABP application.

Anyone can help me?

Thank you!
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