IM/Subspeciality Research Residencies: Where are they?

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Oct 24, 2003
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Hello folks,

I'm a MD/Phd student in third year clerkship right now, and after delaying as long as possible I have to decide what I'm going to be when I grow up. Right now, I'm very interested in the possibility of GI or cardiology. I have heard about programs which foster to MD/PhDs by tracking you into a combined IM/fellowship program with some time to do research. I haven't been able to find any good resources to find out what institutions offer this. The only web site that I saw mention of it is at UCSandiego. Can anyone help me out with other places that offer this program?

much appreciated

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Yale University loves your type and has specific tracks like that.
Unfortunately, you're not a unique candidate for them.
Multiple academic centers have research tracks you're talking about. My understanding is that these fit more-or-less into two categories -- but I don't understand these well, so I'm doing a bit of ass-speak (ie, double-check before you base any major life decisions on this):

(1) "nationwide" established research track, aka "short-tracking," where you cut off the third year of internal medicine and slip right into your fellowship, then make up for that missed third year (and add a few extra years) with some solid research time.

(2) academic center-specific programs -- places like UCSF, WashU, Yale, Baylor, Stanford, etc. all have specific research tracks that sound similar to the "short-tracking" program above (I'm actually not sure what the distinctions are)

Check out the websites for the above places -- look under their residency programs -- they should have all this info posted.
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I basically concur with the previous posters. Most IM university programs will allow their residents to pursue research during their elective time, and some actually require residents to do research while working as a resident, then there are others that call themselves research IM programs with additional years of training added on to do research. You can do a search for these programs here (just choose any state, and research)
um, i don't know if you can tell this guy he's not unique...not until you apply do you really know if you have a shot...

bob3, we know nothing about this guy except he's md-phd...
this guy could have invented the Proton Pump Inhibitor for all we know...

btw, cornell has a research track too...i'm sure there are lots of other places as well...

good luck....
Cleveland clinic has an ABIM research track in its IM program. It also has very strong cards and GI fellowships and research opportunities abound. They also love the resident who has a lot of research interests like yourself.