Dec 7, 2012
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Help!!!. I feel like I am lost. I am a 4th year American ,Medical IMG student in Europe( 6 Years MD Course) I have to study for USMLE Step one. How should I study for it. Should I study one Subject and finish that subject and then go to the other one, or do all the subjects simultaneously?. Also I want to know exactly what I should do next? Is there a website that gives u a guideline on steps to take when your are an American student and you are studying in a foreign country?

May 3, 2014
I would get the First Aid for USMLE Step 1 book. It covers the information you need to know for boards, and also has a section on what IMGs should do to apply, as well as how one should study. Most people who take Step 1 (and probably most IMGs) use the book in some fashion.


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Dec 24, 2007
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I suggest you take your step I in your 5th year or near its end, In order to be eligible for electives.
If the 5th year is the year of subspecialities (it's in my course) you should do fine in preparing for the boards and fulfilling your courses.
You should've covered almost all the syllabus by then.
Consider doing electives during 6th year or just before it.

Being an IMG myself (I'm a non US-IMG graduated last year from Yemen, still preparing for the boards.), I didn't feel a big gap in info between my foundation and what is required for USMLE.

I think you have to plan for your deadlines retrospectively before you put your study plans (i.e. when to apply for Residency -> when to apply for electives -> when to take steps -> when to apply to ECFMG -> How, how and how long to prepare for steps).

Don't panic,
plan you time line retrospectively,
plan your Step study plan according to available time (be realistic)
and you should do just fine.
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