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Jan 26, 2021
I am a med student studying in Pakistan. So I really want to get an internal medicine specialty. I have good Step scores along with 2 research publications. Next year i will start applying for clinical electives in the US.
Here’s my problem : I worry that by the time i apply for residency (in 2023), my CV resume wont look good enough. I don’t have any extracurricular activities like some people have. Also, i am quite sure that I will graduate without any distinctions.
Do you think that once i get my electives with LORS, my application will look good (along with a great personal statement)? I graduate next year and I would appreciate any advice to strengthen myself as a candidate. It’s just the extracurricular stuff that is worrying, idk why i am making a big deal out of it.
Thanks for any responses, and I would really appreciate it if someone answers if they have applied for internal medicine already.
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