1. G

    Mayo Clinic Visiting Clerkship VS 2weeks at Queen's University (Canada) and University of Manitoba

    Hey guys this is a bit of a difficult decision I have to make and just wanted some upper year insight on what I should do. I am a Canadian Studying Abroad looking to apply for residency next year in the US or Canada. I don't mind where I get residency to be honest, either or would be fine (East...
  2. whatsthepoint

    M4 - Am I crazy if I drop ortho after interviews?

  3. doctor_crane

    Letter Author Uploaded LoR twice instead of SLOE - EM Applicant

    I think I'm the only person this has ever happened to... But the physician I worked with in EM uploaded his LoR for the SLOE and his LoR. I was not made aware of this until programs started to email me about this. I'm currently asking a different physician that I rotated with who I assume is...
  4. I

    Receiving Step 2 Score on ERAS Day - What to Do?

    Basically what's in the title. Should I submit the application without my step2 score and then update it at 11AM when it comes out? Or wait until 11AM for my score to be out to submit my application?
  5. R

    Rheumatology 2023-2024 Fellowship Match

    Hello Rheumies! Time to start one for this year! A place to keep each other informed on interviews, and if we have any questions we have somewhere to ask. There is also a Reddit thread below that was started in case there is important information provided that might be helpful for anyone there...
  6. M

    Rheumatology Fellowships Rankings?

    Applying to Rheumatology fellowship this cycle and having a hard time finding information on reputation or "rankings". Anyone able to roughly rank the top 10 or 20 Rheumatology fellowship programs? Also wondering what happened to NYU this year...
  7. M

    Electrophysiology Fellowship 2024

    Hello all! Since ERAS has opened, I decided to create a WhatsApp group for this year’s applicants. Send me your number if you’d like to be added!
  8. Mr.Smile12

    ARTICLE PUBLISHED: Other Impactful Experiences

    Updating, the article is out
  9. M

    How to list abstract on ERAS

    I have an abstract that was accepted to a conference (ORS/orthopaedic research society). We also had a podium presentation at the conference. Confused on how I would list this on ERAS. Would this go under "peer reviewed journal articles/abstracts" or "poster presentation"?
  10. C

    Survey on Radiology Resident Selection Process, Interview Formats, More

    The University of Louisville Department of Radiology is conducting a timely IRB-approved survey on the current Radiology resident selection process, with particular emphasis on the various interview formats. The survey also addresses the impact of the change in Step 1 scoring and attitudes...
  11. L

    For Sale ***2023-2024 Medical School and Residency Application Advising***

    Hello all, I am excited to be entering my fifth year of advising medical school and residency applicants! I have helped numerous folks successfully enter medicine or their desired specialty. I offer comprehensive services - primary and secondary application editing, interview preparation and...
  12. 2

    2024 ERAS Change: limit of 10 experiences

    For 2024 residency applicants will only be able to list 10 experiences and select 3 most meaningful. What do people think about this change? In general I think it's a good change so that people aren't padding CVs with things like single day volunteer experiences, but there's the added headache...
  13. CurbYourExpectations

    ERAS Stats- RadOnc Uptrending

    ERAS as of 10/05 each season. 2023- Overall 220: 136 MD, 68 IMG, 16 DO 2022- Overall 186: 121 MD, 53 IMG, 12 DO 2020- Overall 185: 139 MD, 37 IMG, 9 DO 2018- Overall 238: 211 MD, 18 IMG, 9 DO Average apps per applicant 38 in 2022 and 2023, ~58 in 2018 Programs have an average of 99 Apps so far...
  14. Babbitt4MVP

    Are US MDs unlikely to get interviews at programs with very few US MDs?

    I see a lot of residency programs with <10% US-MDs. Is that a function of them being less competitive (not attracting a lot of US-MD applicants) or them just preferring DOs/IMGs and being unfriendlier to US-MDs? Basically I want to know if these are worth applying to at all as a US MD.
  15. B

    Mentioning Conditional Pass in Personal Statement

    Long story short, during my first clerkship of third year (pediatrics) I had to remediate just the standardized patient portion of the course and subsequently received a conditional pass. Other than this, I received a mix of High Pass and Honors in the remaining clerkships. My question is...
  16. Asclepius293

    Too late for letter of intent?

    Hey all, I’m currently applying for FM residencies through ERAS. I was initially advised against sending post interview communication, and now I’m worried because I didn’t send my number one a letter of intent. I have sent updates regarding step 2 ck scores, thank you’s, and attended all their...
  17. Asclepius293

    Rude to Request to Reschedule Residency Interview Date?

    Hello all, It’s Friday and I just received an invite to interview on Wednesday next week. However, I already have an interview with another program scheduled for that date. The program schedules through email and not ERAS, so there is no freeze date or ability to self schedule. I was...
  18. Asclepius293

    Ability to Schedule Future Interview After Cancelling Past Freeze Date

    Hey all, I had something important come up on the same day of a scheduled interview. The freeze date on the ERAS self-scheduler has passed already, but I'm confused based on the ERAS user guide. It says that you can still cancel a scheduled interview date after a freeze date has passed. It...
  19. mooncakethirty

    Releasing my USMLE transcript 4 hours later than the official opening time, HELP.

    I made a careless mistake last night. I forgot to release and assign my USMLE transcript to every program that I applied to, and the photo either. This morning 8 am was the opening time for programs to receive applications(09/29). I just released my photo and my transcript 4 hours later. 12 pm...
  20. Hassani

    Can't certify and submit

    I finished My ERAS application, and when I try to submit it says you can't submit while required fields are left unfilled. Under the education tab it says that a required field is unfilled, even though I chose none to higher degrees (as I am an IMG) PS: all the circles on the left are green with...
  21. Asclepius293

    Chance at Interviews? - ERAS FM App

    Hello all, US MD here applying for FM this cycle. I will graduate this December and am listed as US Senior on NRMP for match, but have an extension mentioned on ERAS and MSPE. Had some personal losses and struggles at beginning of third year, tried to continue rather than take LOA and ended up...
  22. Asclepius293

    Chances of interview - Insight/Advice

    Hello all, US MD here applying for FM this cycle. I will graduate this December and am listed as US Senior on NRMP for match, but have an extension mentioned on ERAS and MSPE. Had some personal losses and struggles at beginning of third year, tried to continue rather than take LOA and ended up...
  23. N

    Thoughts on disclosing ADHD diagnosis in ERAS personal statement?

    I talked about about my ADHD in my personal statement. It's not the main focus, but I used it as an introductory point that sets the path to discuss cultural stigmas against mental health care, my desire to work with families, and the work ethic/skills I've developed as a result of my ADHD. Am I...
  24. Asclepius293

    Low Step 1, 1 week late STEP 2 CK on ERAS

    Hey all, Applying family medicine as US MD this cycle. 212 on STEP 1. Going to take STEP 2 next week, submit my application 9/29, then update programs with STEP 2 score on 10/6. I realize that I’ll be at a disadvantage with the low step 1 and no step 2 score with possibly getting screened out...
  25. T

    Official Cardiology Fellowship 2021-2022 Season, AMG, IMG, DO

    Let's go! Credentials Interviews Thoughts Concerns
  26. S

    ERAS token vs Interfolio for letters of recommendations?

    For rotation letter of recommendations, our school gave us a token for ERAS to be able to have the letters submitted to ERAS from the preceptors. However does that mean they will only be available for one application cycle? I remember services like Interfolio for undergrad allowed you to save...
  27. D

    Question regarding LoR from Department Chief for Fellowship ERAS

    This is a question more about ERAS than Neonatology itself, so if someone has a better idea on where to post this, let me know. My partner and I are both residents in pediatrics, and she will be applying to Neonatology Fellowships this upcoming application cycle. She has a LoR being written by...
  28. L

    Listing Accepted( but withdrawn) Conference Abstract on ERAS

    Hi all: Hope you're doing well. I have a rather unique circumstance. An oncology project I've been working on( not first-author) was accepted by a major conference for "online publication only". However, the first author( not me) decided to withdraw the "accepted" abstract to provisionally...
  29. Steve_Zissou

    MD & DO Co’22 ERAS Panic Thread

    Well, now that the 4th years know where they’re going, it’s time for us neurotic 3rd years to start thinking about the process. Anyways, I’ve heard through the grapevine that they’re planning to do next season virtually as well. Has anyone else heard this/has something official to back it up?
  30. MyImGJourney

    IMG for Internal Medicine

    Greetings, I am a med student studying in Pakistan. So I really want to get an internal medicine specialty. I have good Step scores along with 2 research publications. Next year i will start applying for clinical electives in the US. Here’s my problem : I worry that by the time i apply for...
  31. D

    IMG need advice/experience in prelim application & SOAP success rate

    I'm a non-US IMG, potentially no visa needed, with good scores (step1 255~260, step2 265~270, CS first pass) applying for neurology&radiology this year. YOG 4 years, has a bunch of first author publication in decent journals. Got some great interview invitations from advanced residency programs...
  32. P

    Nuero or IM matching with red falgs (marijuana)?

    Hello all, I am currently a MS-2 (DO) who wants to apply to Internal Medicine or Neurology. My academic average is 90+ (while doing step 1/ COMLEX prep) and I should be able to get to a 240+ on Step One. My did a summer research elective that will give me 2 oral presentations; one local, one...
  33. D

    How Important Are Stats post-interview invite??

  34. F

    Wrong ERAS Dates

    So I just noticed that I made a date mistake on my ERAS application. I put the start date of my medical school a year later than I actually started.... my graduation date was correct though. Not sure what I should do now since I've already submitted the application and can't make any changes...
  35. optimist99

    How many LoRs to send - OBGYN application

    So I'm applying to OBGYN this cycle and can't decide how many LoRs I should send programs that say things like "a total of three (3) LoRs is required for final review" and "a complete application contains... three (3) LoRs including the dept chair letter." Does this mean I can't include a 4th...
  36. m1234res

    ERAS: Is it appropriate to include unpublished case reports under Research Experience

    Since they are not published or submitted, but completed case reports, can I include them under the research experience with a brief description since I cant include them under the publication section?
  37. MDScribe

    How do bullet points and line breaks/carriage returns entered on ERAS appear on the Program Director's WorkStation?

    I would love some specific guidance on how the information entered on ERAS appears to residency PD's. For example, how do bullet points and line breaks appear once the application is submitted? When I did a test and clicked View/Print MyERAS Application, the dummy text displayed very nicely. But...
  38. Torquer

    Interventional Cardiology Match - July 2022-2023 Thread

    This one's gonna be a doozy folks! With COVID and no in-person interviews, I wonder how things are going to play out. Maybe we can showcase our catheter twirling skills on Zoom! :D Starting this thread so that we can share information on Interview invites, Rejections and Pre-Filled programs...
  39. S

    Mount Sinai Radiology Residency Open House; 9/23/20 | 6pm EST

    Hello everyone! Hope you're staying safe! Please see the flyer here (or attached pdf) for the virtual open house for the Mount Sinai Radiology Residency Program--the event is scheduled for 9/23/20 at 6pm. This is a great opportunity to meet residents and program directors at Mount Sinai if...
  40. Asclepius293

    Job Ideas for a MD with a year off before residency?

    Hey all, Had to take some time off for a family health crisis and am now graduating on a weird timeline. I'll basically finish my requirements a few months after my classmates and will be left with almost a year off while I apply to residency next cycle. Anyone know of any jobs I could get...