1. P

    How to disclose arrests on ERAS

    Hello, I have to disclose 2 prior arrests when it comes to my ERAS app (Both are marijuana possession charges). These happens 7-6 years from when I will apply to residency. Both charges were dismissed (so no conviction) ERAS asks: 1. Have you been convicted of a felony? 2. Have you been...
  2. uwplasticsurgery

    University of Washington "Get To Know Us!" Series

    Dear prospective interns and medical students! As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's application cycle for plastic surgery residency will be a little different than years before since we are unsure if we will likely be unable to offer Sub-Internships or in-person interviews later...
  3. P

    ERAS Expunged Arrest Disclosure

    Hello, I’m a 1st year DO student and I wanted advice on applying to residency considering my history. I have been arrest twice for possession of MJ. The first arrest was in 2015 (when I was 20) and the second arrest was in mid 2017 (when I was 21). I’m in the class of 2023. The first arrest...
  4. M

    M4 graduating off-cycle_views and opinions in regards to residency

    Dear All, Hope all is well! I am a current M4 who likely be applying to an internal medicine residency in this upcoming ERAS cycle (2020-2021) and am hoping to attend a Top 10 residency program. I am still considering radiology or urology but am likely leaning toward IM. My situation is...
  5. 1

    Are my chances shot for matching now because of COVID-19?

    I'm currently a DO third year wanting to apply for general surgery this September. I arranged my schedule to stupidly have my two general surgery rotations this April and May ( I decided to try for general surgery mid of third year). It looks like worse case scenario I will not get to do a...
  6. R

    Surgical Oncology Fellowship Match 2020/2021 Cycle

    The time is here. I have found various other threads from prior years a lovely source of info, so figured we could start it for this year.
  7. M

    Anybody else list experiences in ERAS under the wrong category?

    Hi everyone, I submitted my ERAS application this Sunday, and NOW I notice I put a good amount of experiences under the wrong category. I proofread my experiences multiple times on different days and thought I was careful. I don't know how I overlooked the category originally selected. Now I am...
  8. J

    How screwed am I for this disorderly conduct charge?

    M2 here, looking for some advice/input because SDN can be brutally honest and I think that’s what I need right now. In college, I received a citation for disorderly conduct (not a felony, not a misdemeanor) due to having a small amount of marijuana in my possession. It was a stupid thing that I...
  9. B

    Manuscript submitted to American Journal of Medicine.. how do I include in ERAS application?

    Hi everyone- I have two manuscripts that were submitted to American Journal of Medicine just a few days ago. With my ERAS applications going out tomorrow, I am wondering if this is something I can include somehow in my application or if I have to wait until it becomes confirmed for print and...
  10. C

    MD ERAS Personal statement- include location preference?

    Hi, there! I'm a medical student from NY applying to IM residency programs this cycle. My husband lives in CA and I was wondering if this is something I should include in my personal statement for CA programs. All of my other educational experience has been in NY and I don't have any other...
  11. T

    Baylor ESIR?

    Can anyone explain how the ESIR program at Baylor works? To my knowledge they are the only program on ERAS that has a separate ESIR program to apply to directly. An applicant can choose Diagnostic radiology or ESIR. Information online is minimal. Thanks so much.
  12. G

    Unpublished Case Report Under Research Experience ERAS?

    I have a case series/case report that has been submitted to a journal but is currently "under review." Would it be okay to include this under "research experience"? I have seen a lot of mixed thoughts if case reports actually qualify as research. I just want to include it somewhere because I...
  13. R

    Where to talk about a board failure on ERAS?

    After talking to a number of residents and program directors, I've gotten conflicting advice with almost an even split regarding where to address a board failure on ERAS. Half say to mention it in the personal statement, and half say the personal statement should only be positive and to address...
  14. T

    Unofficial WAMC Thread Psychiatry Residency 2020

    Posted on the old thread a while ago and didn't see a new thread, but I am looking for advice on how many programs to apply to, and what type of programs I would be considered at. I am happy to do residency anywhere, but if I could be in Cal, AZ, or Texas that would be best (I know California is...
  15. katiegrace09390

    PICU Fellowship 2020

    Hey all! Hoping to have a place where people post when they start hearing from programs! I feel like since submitting I have been staring at my phone expecting emails. Good luck!
  16. katiegrace09390

    PICU 2020 Fellowship

    Hey all! Hoping to have a place where people post when they start hearing from programs! I feel like since submitting I have been staring at my phone expecting emails. Good luck!
  17. M

    Letter of Recommendation "power" question

    Hey guys, I'm an IMG applying for the 2020 Match. I have very little USCE. As a graduate (2018) they're mostly observerships and externships (< 12 weeks) In terms of a LoR... I have a few LoR from doctors who have/are: 1 - Graduated from home country but did residency and fellowship in the US...
  18. F

    LOR for Applying IM

    Hey everyone! I'm getting ready to apply for IM this year and am confused about letters of recommendation. I have 1 from an outpatient endocrine attending, 2 from my core IM rotation attendings, and 1 from my advisor/FM attending who worked with me inpatient (so all 3rd year letters). I have...
  19. D

    My letters vanished? ERAS LORP

    I was originally in class of 2019, however, was put in class of 2020. Recently, the ERAS LORP was undergoing "maintenance", after it came back online. MYERAS is asking me for a token and the ERAS LORP doesn't show any of my letter writers. I have worked hard to gather my letters and one of my...
  20. M

    Child neurology and pediatrics ERAS/residency application question(s)

    Hi everyone, I'm an IMG interested in applying for child neurology (which I hear is not very IMG friendly, generally, but I'm gonna try to press my luck because I love the field). There are all so little programs that I can apply to in the specialty and I plan on applying to pediatric programs...
  21. M

    Child Neurology and Pediatrics ERAS application question

    sorry, wrong forum!
  22. D

    Personal Statement Editor

    Hello everyone! I am hoping to make your personal statement writing journey a tad less stressful. I understand what medical school and residency admissions committees want to see in an applicant's essay. Let me help you with grammar corrections, diction, and overall make you and your personal...
  23. J

    Residency App with Prior (x2) arrests

    Hello, I recently have gotten admitted to medical school (Both MD and DO) Class of 2023. I wanted to know how two prior arrest for possession of Marijuana will affect my application. Dates and results as follows October 2015- Possesion of Cannabis- Dismissed (Expunged) April 2017- Possesion...
  24. S

    How to write letters of interest?

    Title says it all. I tried looking online, searching through forums. Does anyone give some tips on contents for letters of interests to programs that I want to interview at but haven't received the invite?
  25. W

    Do I have to authorize release of USMLE score?

    Hey guys! So I took step 1 and didn't do so hot; I passed but not by a lot. I'm currently applying to residencies and ERAS has the option to authorize release of USMLE scores. I'm applying to ACGME programs but I wasn't going to send my scores to any places because I think they'll hurt me...
  26. P

    Should I upload a potentially bad sloe? what to do to subvert the possible disaster

    Hey guys, I am an MS4 applying for EM residency and I have been dreading about the bad sloe that is going to be uploaded any day now. I know it's not going to be a good sloe because a person who gave me negative evals said that I was not performing up to the institutions standards couple of...
  27. S

    ERAS mistake - did I mess this up badly?

    I applied for neuro a few weeks ago and got one interview call. Today, I received an email from a director at a hospital I applied to pointing out that I messed up the city in my address - I wrote '(city in Florida), CA'. The city is my hometown, and I currently live in CA. I don't know how I...
  28. S

    Interviews for Prelim IM/TY 2018-19

    Starting a thread for this 2018-19 cycle! Format: Program name: ____ Prelim IM / Prelim Surgery / TY Date received interview invitation: ____ Interview dates: ___, ____, ____,
  29. E

    University, Community(University Affiliated) and Ambulatory Residencies

    Quick background: I'm applying into internal medicine and I would like to pursue a fellowship after I'm done with IM. I'm seeing in FREIDA as well as in ERAS that there are programs that are Community (University Affilitiated) as well as communites non university affiliated programs. Others that...
  30. YesIeyecanD

    Help- PGY1 interview without ERAS?

    Hey y'all :hello: So...Do you know how this ERAS thing works? If I match into a residency position somewhere (:xf:) but didn’t apply for a prelim year there through ERAS, can I still interview for a prelim year there? I have heard some rumors that this is the case but wanted to see if any of...
  31. R

    reuploading eras LORs?

    I didn't complete my requirement in time for match last year and was wondering if I can reuse my LORs from last year for this year's match? or would it be better to have my attending update the date of the letter so that programs can see the letter's still valid? Thank you for your advice
  32. Q

    Asking for advice about my application, Late Step 1 result!

    Dear all who can help, It might be a rare case where I delay my Step 1 exam, but this is my situation. I am an IMG, graduate of 2015, done step 2 ck and cs and passed 1st attempt, and had some problems that made me delay taking step 1 till the 27th of august, my step 2 ck score is high, I have...
  33. E

    CV Certification and NRMP Number

    Hello, I finished MyEras application but I'm missing my NRMP number since this can be obtained on September 15th. Should I Certify my application without this or should I wait until the 15th and then certify it? Also, how long does it take for the certification to occur? Thank you,
  34. O

    NO Extracurriculars in Med School?

    So I'm an newly-minted M2...and I realize I have like zero extracurriculars. I'm taking classes, realize that boards are ahead, and am involved in research, but have no participation in leadership activities like student gov, interest groups, etc like my classmates. I did some shadowing but it...
  35. A

    ERAS Letter of Recommendation Question

    I am applying to anesthesiology in ERAS 2018-2019. I was wondering whether it would be acceptable to get LORs from anesthesiologists with whom I rotated in my free time during the summer (not as part of a med school clerkship). Otherwise, my anesthesiology rotation would be in September at the...
  36. P

    ERAS questions

    Hi a few questions about the ERAS app: 1 . I'm getting an LOR from a program director who is also listed a medical education chair on the hospital website - do I click the chair button when preparing the face sheet? 2. Do you use bullets to write about your activities like you would in a...
  37. S

    Research ethical question

    Hello all, need some help navigating an ethical situation. Lowdown: I wrote 2 similar papers for a surgeon from my undergrad based on his idea to utilize a database to evaluate a specific finding in 2 different fields of medicine. We have been productive together and I hope to keep being...
  38. toastytoes

    When to release USMLE scores to ERAS?

    Hello! I am still waiting for my Step2CK score which will come out Aug 29 due to the summer delay. Wondering if I should 'release' my usmle transcript now or should I wait until Aug 29? I know they're not going to go anywhere until Sept 15 anyway, just wondering if there would be a delay if I...
  39. Shigaliketoxin

    MD Step 2CK timing question

    Hey so I am really confused about the timing of Step 2CK. I'm a brand new MS3 and I know that I have some time to think about it before we start the scheduling process in a few months, but I wanted to get a feel for the options for my situation. I know every situation is different as far as...