In the process of improving my weak ECs, will it be enough?

Aug 11, 2015
Hello all,

I spent the first 4 years of college (took me 5 years to graduate) not doing any traditional pre med extracurriculars. During my last year of school I was an organic chemistry TA, but I still didn't obtain any clinical experience. Here are my cringe-worthy extracurricular activities over my 5 year college career:

- 2.5 years working at a grocery store (20hrs/week)
- 1.5 years working at a market research company (20 hrs/week)
- 2 semesters organic chemistry TA/tutor (10hrs/week)

Since graduating I have started volunteering in both a clinical and non-clinical setting, and I have shadowed a DO. I plan on applying next cycle, and it looks like I'll have at least these additional extracurricular activities:

- 90 hours shadowing a DO
- 150 hours of hospital volunteering
- 100 hours volunteering at a homeless shelter
- 1 year as a lab tech at an environmental company (25hrs/week)

As for my other stats:

Cgpa = 3.55*
Sgpa = 3.78*
MCAT = 508 (126 cars, 127 psy, 128 bio, 127 che/phy)

*I have retaken 7 classes total, including 4 science classes, and I have a red flag semester where I was placed on academic probation, which would take a separate post to sufficiently explain... However, I do have an upward trend with a 3.7 Cgpa over my last 5 semesters.

So what are my chances next year? I'm worried about how my volunteering and clinical experience will be perceived, since I did it all within 1 year.


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Jun 3, 2015
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Not sure where you live but look for clinical opportunities such as scribing or being a tech! If you're gonna be applying in 1 year maybe look to get your EMT cert? Also def continue the volunteering if you can.