Incoming undergrad pre-med deciding school help


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Apr 7, 2021
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Hi! I'm a current highschool senior trying to decide the best university from my options as someone planning on pursuing pre-med.
My options are:
- Case Western Reserve University (in-state + scholarship)
- Wake Forest University
- University of Pittsburgh (small scholarship)
- Ohio State University (in-state + Honor's program)

I also got waitlisted at five others (Cornell, Penn, Mich, Emory and WashU) but considering this year's admissions cycle, am not expecting much. If the opportunity were to arise, however, I'd 100% consider.

I understand the undergraduate experience forms the foundation of all else that is yet to come; any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Whichever has the cheapest tuition and has the most resources (hospitals on-campus/nearby)
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Agree with @Ultravox Vienna Don't purely look at name, choose whichever will give you the most money and also has hospitals and academic centers nearby. With this comes more clubs, more research opportunities, more clinical opportunities such as volunteering, etc that will all help you in the future. Of course, consider distance to home, campus life, and all of that stuff as well, you need to enjoy college too!
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