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Dec 16, 2016
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Hello All,

I would appreciate your help in deciding which medical school I should attend. I am extremely grateful to have options, but I am very indecisive and had enough trouble narrowing it down to these two schools.

-only about 15k per year tuition (with scholarships)
-good research institution
-good diversity at indianapolis campus

-have to live in Indianapolis (grew up here and love it, but kind of wanted a different experience)
-seemed easy to get lost in all of the students and campuses
-lower ranking than OSU (not sure how much this matters)

Ohio State
-very community oriented feel
-a lot of school spirit
-a good amount of diversity
-in a different city
-higher ranking (not sure how much this matters)

-tuition about 36k more than IU overall (with scholarships)
-must get Ohio residency after first year to help defray costs


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Dec 17, 2014
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seemed easy to get lost in all of the students and campuses
I have a sibling (MS1) that attends IU and from what I've been told, this isn't true at all. The students often hang out together (e.g., having MS1s play against MS2s in weekly basketball games). Similarly, during the family and friend's day (last August) before the white coat ceremony, all the students and their families were gathered together. Even though there are separate campuses, I really got a family/community vibe from the presentations! Good luck :).
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Feb 24, 2016
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Indiana. The benefits of attending OSU are marginal. Not worth the tuition difference, even if you get residency.
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