ohio state university

  1. jcmhxx

    The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy School class of 2025

    Hey guys, I got waitlist from OSU and was wondering what I should do? I’ve been preparing myself for pharmacy school throughout my undergrad and now I’m not sure what to do if I don’t get a response back. Did anyone else also go waitlisted?
  2. V

    When to Take MCAT

    I am a 2nd year undergraduate student at Ohio State University studying Neuroscience. Currently, with my AP credit, I am able to finish my courses after 2.5 years, which would be in December 2021. I plan to complete my pre-med courses by the end of my second year (except for OChem 2, which I...
  3. C

    Wisconsin SMPH v MCW v Ohio State v Cincinnati

    I have been fortunate enough to receive acceptances at a few medical schools and I’m trying to decide which makes the most sense to move forward with. Note - I also have a few pending II’s and want to be certain I would rather go to a different school before withdrawing from my II. I’m...
  4. optomize

    Ohio State University (OSU Optometry)- PROS/CONS

    I dont see much about OSU on SDN....Does anyone have any info about OSU? What are the pros/cons? Any major negatives?
  5. P

    Ohio State University 2021

    I am curious to see how many people have put a deposit down for OSU. Hopefully we can connect as there isn't a fb page or anything yet. Fell free to comment, etc.
  6. P

    OSU DPT 2021

    Hello! Wondering if anyone has heard from Ohio State University for the class of 2021. I applied Early Decision and have been accepted. Best of luck!
  7. V

    Indiana University vs Ohio State

    Hello All, I would appreciate your help in deciding which medical school I should attend. I am extremely grateful to have options, but I am very indecisive and had enough trouble narrowing it down to these two schools. Indiana Pro's -only about 15k per year tuition (with scholarships) -good...
  8. M

    Medical Dietetics at Ohio State

    Hi everyone! I was recently accepted into OSU (yayy!!!). I plan on majoring in Medical Dietetics, and then I plan to apply to medical school after I'm done. I was wondering if any students on here have majored in this at OSU? If so, I have some questions, and I would love to get some insight on...
  9. B

    Case vs OSU

    Hi guys, I'm currently between choosing OSU and Case for med school. Case Pro: Family in Cleveland Eventually hope to work for UH or Cleveland Clinic Opportunity for medical Spanish program Master's in Applied Anatomy looks cool Case Con: COST*** (I know we all take out loans but Case is...
  10. McDreamy2008

    MEDPATH 2017 Ohio State University

    This thread is for everyone that has been invited to apply to OSU's MEDPATH program! The applications are due January 31st. Good luck!!
  11. N

    Experience with executive MPH programs?

    I'm looking into executive MPH programs and would like to hear feedback from those who have been through executive MPH programs and work/life balance (I am employeed full-time in the field, am married and have children) and how your program was set up (1 wknd a month, every wknd, etc.). I'm...
  12. OmoNaijj

    MEDPATH 2016 Ohio State University

    For everyone who has been invited to apply to OSU's postbacc! Applications are up and are due January 31st 2016. Please keep us up to date on your progress. All the best!