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Aug 29, 2015
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Here are the stats
cGPA=3.49, sGPA=3.51
Trend: 2.2 -> 3.3 -> 3.84 -> 4.0 -> 4.0 (I hope this offsets my mediocor over-all)
DAT: AA:23, TS:25, PAT:22 (none under 17 but my RC is 18).
ECs, 650 hours of research (paper is in process of submission for publication), 300+ shadowing (but with one dentist), 203 hours of volunteering at local hospital, tutored children with learning disabilities, tutored college students (work), extensive club and campus organization involvement with leadership roles. I (think) did a pretty good job with my personal statement and I have 4 reference letters (3 from science professors and 1 from dentist).

I applied pretty early and got verified during the first week of July. Application is complete for Columbia, BU, UDM, midwestern illinois, Nova southeastern, Case western. I applied for UPENN but still haven't submitted my secondary, working on it ASAP. Also I plan to complete an app for UCSF (the city is nice) and Buffalo. One caveat, when I applied it was with an old DAT score that was relatively low (19AA, 20TS and 22PAT), the improved DAT scores I accomplished on august 10 (4 days ago).
Realistically, what are my chances at the higher tier schools such as Columbia and Penn?. I am also in the process of contacting Detroit mercy because I want to clarify whether or not they will consider my DAT given that I have an 18 and their website says 19 minimum for each section.

Many thanks in advance,