Medical Institutional Action Question - Should I include on AMCAS or AACOMAS?

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Oct 14, 2011
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Hi all,

A teacher had a suspicion that I had cheated on an extra credit assignment but I sincerely did not cheat. After a case review, a committee had decided that I had not violated the academic integrity policy and the report and charges were dismissed. Also, no record of the report was retained. This is something that I would not have to disclose on my medical school application, correct? Thank you.

To clear anything up, I would be diligent/proactive and make sure with the deans or whoever is in charge at my school that this will not at all be included to be 100% before I apply.

If they decided it was not violated, I would think not to include it but I am looking for other's opinions.

Thanks in advance for the guidance.
Always verify, but it sounds like your case was resolved without issuing you an institutional action. Thus, you wouldn't need to report it.

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Okay great! Yep I will do my "do diligence" and verify. Thank you for confirming this to be the case :)
Do you know who I would specifically ask that this will not show up on a committee letter or on a transcript or anything? Thanks
Your description referred to a committee making a decision, so I would suspect whoever is in charge of that process with that judicial board should be your contact. Likely a dean for judicial affairs or academic integrity/student conduct.
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