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May 13, 2002
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I found this site and thought that the information was interesting.

According to the stats, a little more than 1 in 3 applicants to DO school get in. For allopathic, the numbers are even higher, 45%.

I'm having a hard time believing these stats. They look real enough, but last I heard no better than 10% of applicants to MD school got in and around 15% of osteo applicants would get in there.

Anyone have an opinion?


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Sep 29, 2001
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Perhaps the difference in figures lies in the number of schools between the two forms of medicine. That is, sinse the number of Osteopathic schools is less than the total number of Allopathic school, the % acceptance ratio may seem greater for Allopathic program when is fact its not.


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Apr 25, 2002
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Actually that sounds about right. I remember attending a lecture from a man who sits on an admissions committee at a Texas medical school (don't remember which one) and he said that since World War II the number of applicants to acceptances has been roughly around 3-1. The number might be higher now because less people have been applying to medical schools over the last few years.

That is a good site tho. I've never seen it before and it looks like it has some pretty good information on it.
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