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Feb 10, 2004
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Hey to all those who were interviewed/accepted/waitlisted at Wayne state....I have a question or two.

Did anyone else feel like they got the short end of the stick at their interview?

My interviewer answered her office phone twice. I sat in an office chair that had seen action in the past two world wars...ug, don't they have conference rooms?

What about the cheesy tour? Step out the back door...there is our library over there...and over there is a hospital or two.

:wow: And she definately was coached on a few key questions to ask me...(I was waitlisted last year and reapplied this year)

Why did you choose to have a cancer radiation treatment (which forces me to be in isolation for 7 days) over retaking the MCAT's.

I had a 27 R ....besides I have to be ALIVE to even attend medical school don't I??? I mean how do you answer that without completly flipping out...I managed to reply without alienating her but seriously...wasn't that a little out of bounds???

Should I call and formally complain?


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Mar 19, 2003
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I think many times they ask these questions because they want see how you react and if you react negatively. As long as you answered positively, I don't think it should have been a problem. I would definitely not complain because that would ruin your chances altogether.

Also, about answering the phone thing, there's really nothing you can do about it. Even if they do it, it doesn't mean much. My internist interviewer at Drexel received a call from a patient while he was interviewing me and I didn't mind. The call lasted at least 2 minutes. I was accepted nonetheless. Those times of interruptions may work for you since they might feel bad how they acted and give you the benefit of the doubt.
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Wanna hear a scary story? During one of my interviews, about 5 minutes in, the interviewer (a pediatrician) got an important call from the hospital, so he had to drive over there. He told me to get in the car with him, and proceeded to inteview me IN THE CAR! Yikes! :)


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Oct 23, 2003
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I definitely had the same sort of short end of the stick vibe during my interview there last year. Instead of the crappy chair in an office, I got a crappy chair in a confrence room of sorts without any heat (and my interview was in early January). My interview starts off...Interviewer, "It's not too cold in here for you, is it?" Me, *Shivering*"Nope. In fact, it reminds me of my experiences volunteering as a medic on 7 polar expeditions". :scared:

With regards to the treatment question, I'm not really sure if that's out of bounds. Tactful... probably not. The only reason I might think that it would come up in an interview was that you probably had mentioned it as something significant in your personal statement or in an essay on your app (otherwise, they probably wouldn't know). In which case, they would probably want to know more about your decision, etc... I hope the process works out for ya in the end.


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Nov 25, 2002
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doesnt sound too bad jenn. at least not like some of the interview stories that people have posted here on sdn. at least none of the interviewers fell asleep on you or made you cry.

all my interviews were in their offices (small), and only once was it in a small room that was not their office (small again).

i just hope u kept the interview positive and honest and hopefully you end up with a favorable outcome. wayne st. is a good medical school with sweet clincal training.

oh yeah...and at least you got a tour. one of my interviews...noone showed up for the tour so we just went online on the school computers to pass time haha.
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