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Interview dates


Senior Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
May 13, 2003
Hi all,

Congrats around to the future pathologists.

Quick question. I'm trying to plan my clinical schedule for the fall and would like to know when most programs interview. Any specific info on dates at MGH/BWH/Penn would also be appreciated (Aim High - even though that's not the NAVY's tag-line, it works here). ;)



Moderator Emeritus
15+ Year Member
Aug 15, 2003
Fixing in 10% neutral buffered formalin
  1. Attending Physician
Let's see, I heard from all 3 of those programs in early to mid october in regards to interviews. I don't remember when they started interviewing but it may have been around the same time. I think they went until at least mid january. I did my first interview (at BIDMC) the day after columbus day.

I would think you could get most of your interviews out of the way before the end of december, if not even november. Perhaps, though, if you hear from programs later or delay your response you might be forced to take a january date.

Aim high, man. You can be an army of one. One of the few, the proud. We want you! (We're looking for a few good men). Be a part of the action. Be all that you can be. Get an edge on life! Full speed ahead!

Remember: It's not just a job, it's an adventure. America(ns) at its best.

Admit it, you've got a few jingles running through your head right now.
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