Apr 11, 2010
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These are very random questions, and I didn't really see any answers for them (consistently, at least) in the Peds Interview Sticky:

1) Do most programs tend to put you up in a hotel? If not, which ones historically do that you're aware of?

2) Do the programs cover your meals that you attend with residents, etc?

3) Do you get any random free stuff (pens, bags, etc) @ any particular place?


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Mar 17, 2009
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I just matched peds in this most recent match so my answers are based on what I experienced this past interview season.

1. All but 1 or 2 of the places I interviewed put me up in a hotel....Pittsburgh (UPMC) didn't and Rainbow Babies made me pay $50 for the hotel room. I interviewed mainly in the Midwest.

2. The pre-interview dinner was covered at all of the places I interviewed at and the lunch is provided during the interview day. The exception is alcohol probably, didn't drink at my interviews so I'm not completely sure about this. Some places fed us for breakfast or just recommended we eat the continental breakfast at the hotel before the interview day.

3. A few places provided gifts....Louisville gave us a travel blanket, Pittsburgh gave us a bag with a mug, pickle pin, mini Heinz ketchup bottle (Heinz is located in Pittsburgh), etc. I got a bag and calculator from Arkansas and a bag from Riley. I got a bag with some candy in it and Fitz's rootbeer from Cardinal Glennon (SLU). I got a keychain calculator and chocolate from Phoenix Children's. Some candy from Rainbow Babies. Those are the ones I remember. Some paid for the hotel rooms and didn't provide a gift (which was certainly enough).


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Oct 3, 2009
This is based on my experiences this year interviewing in California. Most of my friends who interviewed on the West Coast and in the urban Northeast had similar experiences.

1. None of the programs paid for hotels. All offered hotel suggestions and most provided a discount code to save some $.

2. Most places had some sort of social event the night before or the night after the interview. The food was covered and typically was appetizer/happy hour-type food, no alcohol. Interview day all of the programs provided breakfast and lunch. Many also gave end-of-day desserts at the wrap-up.

3. Most places gave "gifts" which tended to be small things like pens, notepads, candy, hand sanitizer, badge holders, etc.