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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by BushBaby, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. BushBaby

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    Jan 9, 2002
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    Attending Physician
    For those who received their interview notification via email can you please tell me (if you remember) around what time of day that was?

    I am tired of checking my email every 5 minutes from 8:50am (when I get to work) till 10:30pm (when I go to bed). I even signed up with MSN to send a text message to my cell phone when I get any new emails. Do they send them over the weekend so I don't waste my time checking my email 50 times like I do during the week. <img border="0" alt="[Pissy]" title="" src="graemlins/pissy.gif" /> I am pretty sure I am paranoid. I check my voicemail once an hour from work, too bad I can't check my snail mail:(

    I ask about the weekend thing because I once received an email from school personnel on a sunday, I thought that was odd.
    Time is awasting and somebody better email/call me/snail mail me something soon. :mad:
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  3. SMW

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    Jul 12, 2001
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    Sorry, I don't think there's any standard time. I think mornings are pretty common, but that's not an absolute rule.
  4. Maple

    Jul 16, 2001
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    0 email invites have been mid-morning (NYMC and AlbanyL during weekdays. But...I did get an invite from Creighton on Saturday night around 10 pm! (cali time). That was pretty surprising..

    Hang in there..they will get in touch with you. Judging by my steady stream of rejections for the past couple of seems that most schools are on the move!

    Good luck! :)
  5. gmendese

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    Jul 6, 2001
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    Not all of them are in the AM. My UMass interview and Mt. Sinai interview came after 4 p.m. (but before 5 p.m.)
  6. gobears

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    Oct 17, 2001
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    I got invited to interview at UPenn back in December. My e-mail came at 1:30am on a Saturday.
  7. Well, I'm not embarrased to say I set my email client to filter my email and automatically forward juicy stuff to my cell phone. ( 'accept' 'medical' 'interview' 'school' &c.)

    I'm finally setting down to the point where I only check my email three times a day. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. (My girlfriend sometimes switches the email client to her settings.;-)

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