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Jan 19, 2002
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Is is just me or has anyone else noticed a lull in the interviews? There are still a few people getting them here and there, but for about 2 weeks it seemed like we were getting them in a flurry.

Hopefully the onslaught will begin again very soon.


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Aug 14, 2002
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Well, what you have here is this: SDNers are notoriously anal. As a result, many people posting on this site got their **** in extra early. So, they get early interviews. Most people in this game have either just submitted AMCAS, or will soon. Another sizeable number are waiting for August MCAT scores before submitting.

Med schools all know this. They know that there are still many thousands of applications still yet to be received. They aren't stupid, they pace themselves too. They know that from recent years, they will receive many completed apps from very qualified folks in September, October and November. As a result, they're probably being a little stingy on the interview invites right about now while they wait for the next wave of apps to arrive.
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