Aug 4, 2015
I submitted my secondaries around late August and I got my first interview invite early September. Unfortunately, the earliest interview available was November 28th and as far as I understand, earlier interviews = better acceptance chances. Does anyone who has previously applied think that November is pretty late and puts me at a disadvantage? Has anyone noticed a correlation between interview date and acceptances? For example, your earlier interviews yielded more acceptances than later interviews?

I'm also concerned that my subsequent interview invites from other schools will have even less interview date options and I'll end up having to interview in December and January... Does anyone know if interview invites in September/ October typically yield interviews in December and later since most of the favorable early spots are be filled?


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Feb 27, 2013
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School and year specific.

Go to your interested schools threads from last year and check the date.

Google "SDN State SOM 2014" and then scroll to October 1; look for someone saying "II!!!!! Available dates are 11/1, 11/15, 21/1, etc"

Good luck.
Sep 1, 2015
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Students that medical schools invited earlier in the cycle tend to be most desirable, which may explain why people with earlier interviews have better shots at acceptances. Also, as med schools are rolling decisions, the limited amount of seats in later interviews means that adcoms can be more selective with the remaining applicants. That being said, I consider II's in September still early in the cycle. If November was the earliest date you could get in September, it must be a similar case for other students as well. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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Apr 4, 2015
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So much of the cycle is in your control, and much more is out of your control. Why worry about it? You picked the earliest date possible and they're unlikely to be able to offer you an earlier date down the road. All you can do now is prepare and give them a reason to accept you. :)