Interviewing at the same school as last year

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Mar 31, 2013
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Last year I went through my first application cycle and only got interviewed (then waitlisted into oblivion) by one school. I was OOS for that school and they are very selective about nonresident interview invites, so I was incredibly surprised to even get that opportunity.

This year I have beefed up my application significantly in terms of extracurriculars, letters of rec, grades, etc. I started another application cycle and just recently found out that the same school wants to interview me.

Has anyone gone through something like this, being interviewed by the same school after one unsuccessful cycle? Considering their interview selectivity, does this mean they're satisfied with my improvement from last year and have a favorable view of me compared to last year? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Sounds like they had a favorable view of you last year to extend you an invite. My guess is that perhaps your interview itself led to your waitlist status. Perhaps others too have more insight.
I had this same experience and I'm now holding an acceptance at that school. What I imagine happened at my school is that they waitlisted me for whatever reason and I filled the deficit this time around. That or maybe they just didn't have room for you last year (hence the waitlist) or you didn't do so hot on your interview. Honestly, it can be any reason that we don't know but I think you have a good shot as they like you enough to give you a second shot.
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I had the same experience and got waitlisted this year instead of rejected...
Not that I know for sure, but I'd suspect they really liked you last year, but that they didn't have any more spots available for OOS folks with your particular 'added diversity' angle -- hence last year's wait list. When they checked you out again this year pre-interview, they positively noted your improvement, your positive interview notes, and decided to offer you another shot.

Think about it -- If your interview was borderline last year, why give you another chance for one of a very few OOS spots?

Good Luck!
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All that's left to do is to improve your performance at the interview, in line with your improvement in other areas. Think about it, you were one cut below the bar for "acceptance". Just bump it up a notch.