INTERVIEWS for Prelim Medicine/Transitional

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Jul 13, 2003
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Alright people, I don't care if you're derm, optho, rads or anesthesia (or whoever else). I would like to start a thread on internship programs (transitionals/prelim medicines more specifically)

Someone asked a question about this thing in the IM forum, but I don't think those guys care so much, plus I don't know how many prelim-seeking medgrads are looking over there anyway.

I'm anesthesia, trying to do the Philadelphia thing so far I got:
Einstein (both T and Prelim), Mercy, Graduate and Abington.

Anybody, anybody...Bueller?

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I started this same thread in this forum recently, but just for the sake of it: I'm goin 4 ophtho, & goin 4 transitional in nyc/philly.. so far i got interviews to flushing, einstein(philly), prebyterian(upenn).
There was a thread about nyc and phily prelim/transitional years. Do a "search" for it.
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just wanted to bump the post up to make it seem newer. Cheap trick.

i know you're getting those interviews people. post dammi!
got cabrini prelim mdcn 2day in manhattan.