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Jul 22, 2002
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I always thought college/med school interviews were a bit silly. If I apply to a place, I know I'm serious about going there. Like many SDNers, I'm a bit compuslive in learning about schools. For example, I'm interviewing at a school this week, and have been spending a good amount of time research the place and talking with current students. Thus, most of my questions about the school have already been answered by people currently "in the trenches." Why would I want to take some professor's view on how much time is spent in class, how competitive the school is, etc etc?

So....when I have my interview, what questions should I ask?

P.S. I realize there are good things a professor at a school can answer well.


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Oct 14, 2002
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Naturally, the interviewer is anticipating questions related to what you have done or what you have written, so you can ask those first. You can also ask about the class schedule, opportunities to volunteer, early clinical experience, or perhaps about commuting and housing. Asking a question is better than not asking at all. It shows that you're actively engaged in your own education.
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