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Jul 21, 2017
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wondering if anyone here has done well with it? I only know of one friend that highly recommended it. I see a lot of you posting about self-studying, personally, im not too good with that so I prefer to have a structured class as I feel I need to score well in the DAT to even have a shot at dental school. I plan on applying to NOVA dental (next yr, to be early), my mother and sister have both gone there for graduate school. Not sure if that helps

In college, I had an average of a 3.42 gpa, no science classes mostly AA general pre requisites (English, math, etc)
Just graduated this week from university with a biological sciences degree on a 3.36 GPA, I know that's crap compared to most of you but im still going to try ... I took all my science courses there, I didn't do great in orgo i got two C and a C + in biochem, everything else were As or Bs
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Pearl E. White

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May 20, 2014
Bradenton, FL
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I feel like you answered your own question. It is a personal preference. How do YOU feel you will be best prepared? It's a beast and you only want to have to take this exam one time if possible. Do whatever is going to give YOU the best chance at success. Good luck.
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